Mizuno MP-64 Irons Review: Best Feeling Player’s Cavity Irons

Before I start this review I would like to tell you a little bit about my game so that you can see where I am coming from. I am 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. I am a 7.6 index but have been steadily improving and have been shooting around 3-5 over on an average round. I am a good ball striker and I LOVE to move the ball. I carry my 8 iron around 150 and normally hit a baby draw. I had been playing Razr X Tour irons since they came out and felt that with my game improving that it was time to upgrade my irons. After over an hour of hitting every “Players” iron and a few “Game Improvement” irons I decided on the MP-64’s with KBS tour stiff shafts.

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MP-64 irons 3-Pitching Wedge, 1 Degree Flat, KBS Tour Stiff shafts with Tour velvet 360 grips


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These irons are absolutely gorgeous and look great from every angle. The chrome back and the matte face make it very easy to line up behind the ball and get it started on target. The “Flow Thickness Diamond Muscle Pad” looks great on the back of each iron. The KBS tour shafts look great going into the heads and were built to perfection. As much as I love the look of these irons I do have one minor complaint about them. When it comes to the Pitching Wedge and 9 Iron they have relatively thick top lines (Not as thick as game improvement irons but still a bit chunky) and they are also a bit tall for my taste. I realize that the point of the thicker topline is to help with shots hit near the top of the face but I thought I should point it out.

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Mizuno, the name says it all. The “Grain Flow Forging” process makes these irons feel like a hot knife going through butter. The feeling is not so soft that you can’t tell what is going on at impact though. If you miss the sweet spot you will know. But when you hit the sweet spot it feels as if the face and the ball become one and then the ball shoots toward the target. The soft feeling may be helped by the KBS shafts but even when I tried other shafts they were still soft.

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During my testing I was able to narrow down to 3 final choices (Taylormade Tour Preferred MC, Callaway Apex and MP-64) and it was actually the shortest of any of the clubs (when it had the stock Dynamic Gold s300 shafts). It was 1 yard shorter than the MC and 8 yards shorter than the Apex. The reason for the distance added to the Apex was the fact that it has 27 degrees of loft and the MC and MP-64 have 30 degrees of loft. One thing that was great with the MP-64’s was the extra spin that they gave me. Contrary to what many people want I actually want to have extra spin so that I can move the ball easier and because I live in Seattle which means that almost all of my distance needs to come through carry which the Apex did not deliver at all. I was carrying the 6 iron around 170 and had the right amount of spin so I was able to maximize my results. The shots were coming off with a baby draw but were starting a little left of where I wanted so after a few shots off a lie board (Scariest surface to hit a low bounce iron off of) we determined that I should bend my irons 1 degree flat. I was able to move the ball very easily and was hitting the center almost every time.

Pros: Amazing feel and great workability. They are truly one of the best irons on the market.

Cons: The only real problem I have with them was the slightly odd look of the 9 iron and Pitching Wedge. You also need to be a good ball striker to game these as they are not very forgiving.


The Mizuno Golf MP-64 irons from Mizuno are the “best feeling player’s cavity” on the market and are the best iron in this category in my opinion. But they are not very forgiving so make sure that you test them and make sure they are for you. I don’t like to put a handicap on irons but apparently Mizuno does so according to them if you are below a 10 handicap you could justify these.

By: Sam Gray

Written by BP Staff

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