Nead Custom Putters AS10 Putter Review: Wants and Neads Custom Putters

The crew over at Nead Custom putters were kind enough to send us over their AS10 model putter to test out and review.  I first met the crew of Nead Custom Putters on Twitter @wantsandneads.  I kept seeing photos of these beautiful putters that I couldn’t take my eye off of so I had to reach out to them.  Once I contacted the crew, I knew right away they were a class act company.  Very cordial and respectful but professional as well.  I was immediately impressed with how they conducted their business.  After some brief discussions, they decided to send over their AS10 model for a review and lucky you, a giveaway after.  So let’s break this down.

Here are the Specs of the AS10 Putter they sent over for me to review.

Carbon Steel

Nickel Plated

Roll Groove Face

Plumbers neck

Site line

35” Coppertone shaft

Royal Grip



As you can see by the photos, this putter is a looker.  The AS10 has beautiful lines and a classy look made with carbon steel.  As a surfer you sometimes will look down a new surfboard at the lines and sometimes are very impressed with the clean look.  If the AS10 model from Nead Custom Putters was a surfboard, I’d be waxing it up right now and hitting the waves.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.59.13 PM

Looking down at a putter and having confidence is a big part of golfing.  Yes you need to practice, practice and practice your putting, but a solid putter that is appealing to your eye is important as well.  Very impressed with the looks of this putter.  One of my favorite things about the AS10 is the shaft.  The shaft has a bronze color to it that shines to let all other putters know that they are inferior.  Love that!!



Ahhh the ever so important topic for a golf club.  As golfers if the club doesn’t “feel” good, then we might as well pack up and head home.  I have done a lot of reviews on putters in the last two years and I always stress the weight of a putter and I will again.  A good putter can’t be too heavy and it can’t be to light.  Too light and there is no feel to what you are doing. Too heavy and your ball goes flying across greens like a bat out of hell.  Finding that optimal weighting is key to making a good putter in my opinion.  The Neads Custom AS10 putter falls into the “very good weighting” category for me.  I loved how I could feel the club head through the impact zone of each putt but was no overwhelmed by the club head.



My favorite part of every review is the performance section.  After all, what good is a good looking and feeling golf club that can’t perform?  I’ll first talk about how the AS10 has what they call the “Roll Groove Face” to create a consistent rolling golf ball off the face.  Most putters these days have some sort of grooves on the face to keep the ball on the putting surface for a true roll.  This is Neads Custom Putters version.  I noticed that nearly every putt, even the long putts would stay fairly well on the putting surface.  As you know, when you have to hit a long 60 foot putt up hill you might have to give the ball a good stroke.  Sometimes a putter can’t handle that and the ball will lift up off the turf and lose it’s momentum and line that you originally had.  The AS10 putter was able to withstand some longer and harder hit putts.

The AS10 Model also was very solid across the face which helps with mis-hits.  When I review a putter, I like to hit off the toe and heel to see how the putter reacts.  Obviously most golfers are not hitting off the heel or toe but there are mis-hits with putters, trust me.  The AS10 did a nice job on those mis-hits allowing for a pretty solid putt without losing too much distance and direction.


Pricing/Standard Specs:

RH AS10 Price $450.00 + S&H

Model: AS10

Finish: Raw/None

Weight: 350g

Shaft: 35 in. steel

Grip: Red Iomic

Headcover: Whiite

Material: Aluminum Bronze

Description: Roll groove face, black paint fill and sight line

For more information on Wants and Neads: Nead Custom Putters click HERE .


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