Custom UFO Tour Golf Bag Review: Bunkers Paradise Swag

I remember being a small child on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa Claus to come down my chimney. Santa was going to bring me a G.I. Joe Command Center to so I could defeat Cobra and his crew. It was one of the most anticipated Christmas gifts I ever wanted as a child. I had forgotten what that feeling was like until I met Stephen Hopkins over at UFO Tour Golf.

UFO Tour Golf Mission:

Our mission at UFO Tour Golf is to give you unparalleled visual promotion by using only the finest golf products in the world. Just as with our friends that we have made over the years, we believe in building relationships. We look forward to building our next relationship with you.

We believe when we deliver a product it should be about you, not us. To that end, we can remain virtually unidentified while creating a visual masterpiece for you. We like to say that we help you “get identified!”

To bring this product to the United States market, UFO Tour Golf has partnered with Jstewart Golf to offer creative, custom, quality golf products for corporate marketing, tour, club and teaching professionals, golf teams or simply individuals, who want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. We provide you the unique ability to make you just one bag at an affordable price!

Jstewart Golf was established in 2008 by professional golfer, James Stewart. Many of the players on the PGA Tour, European & Asian Tours have personalized bags made by JStewart Golf.

Whether we deliver one bag to an individual or 1000 bags to a brand or corporate sponsor, we share a commitment to unparalleled quality, value and service. These ideals bring fun and exciting products to golfers everywhere!

I had been looking to make a custom Bunkers Paradise golf bag for quite some time. After looking at several custom golf bag manufactures, I decided to approach UFO Tour Golf.  When I first met Stephen I immediately noticed that he and his team were very professional and courteous.  In any business that is very important.  After numerous talks about what I was looking for, Stephen assured me that UFO Tour Golf was exactly what I was looking for.

Stephen showed me several samples of their past work and current projects, which impressed me right away. One of their main clients is John Daly, who has one of the most unique and fun golf bags on the PGA Tour. With the confidence that Stephen and his crew would make the most amazing golf bag for Bunkers Paradise the project began.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 2.18.56 PM

First steps where to select a golf bag. From this screen shot you can see there are numerous options, styles and looks. I decided to have a bit of fun with the process and let our fans decide which bag we would go with.  After several votes on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram the final selection was made to create the third selection below, the JS18R.

Phase 1: Order/Design



Phase 2: Embroidery Proofs

After selecting the bag, Stephen and his crew went to work. After a week or so, I was sent over some leather samples to look at for approval. I was excited to see the computer generated sample, but when I saw the actual leather samples in person my excitement level went up several notches.  As you can see from the samples below, the embroidery is amazing!





Phase 3: Confirmation Photos of Completed Bag for Shipment

So this is obviously one of the best parts of the process.  I received photos of the final product and was in shock of how good it looked.  It’s one thing to see a computer generated photo, but it is completely different looking such a beautiful bag in a photo. Below are the photos they sent me for confirmation and approval.  After taking one look at the bag, I had no hesitation.  I absolutely loved it.  I might be a little biased on the design and logo, but I thought it looked amazing.


Now on to what I like to call the Christmas Phase:  The arrival of your bag.

So this is the part where I got to be a kid again.  Stephen sent me over an email letting me know the bag had been shipped.  I couldn’t wait for it to arrive in the mail.  I happened to be out of the office when it arrived and was notified of it’s arrival.  I stopped what I was doing and headed back to the office.  I ordered everyone to leave the box alone because I wanted to open it. Ha…. what a kid.  I opened up the box and it truly was like Christmas morning all over again.  The bag was even better looking in person.  It had beautiful stitching, vibrant colors and quality leather.  From top to bottom the bag was spectacular.

Final Product:

We selected the JS18R Model because we wanted a larger staff carry bag.  As you can see in the photos it comes with multiple pockets from small to large to fit all your golf equipment.  It also comes with a cover for your clubs for traveling.  We were able to send over our logo and have it put onto our bag and not lose one ounce of perfection in the design.  Our logo is not a simple logo when you break it down.  The golf ball has dimples and they were able to create the dimples with amazing embroidery technology.  Absolutely amazing in my opinion.  Take a look at the photo below to see what I’m talking about.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 10.17.42 AM

Ok, so I lied earlier in the article when I said the best part was having it arrive at your doorstep.  The best part is when you take your custom bag to the golf course for the first time.  The Bunkers Paradise bag represents exactly what our company and website it all about, which is having fun. The colors are bright and fun, which reflect who we are.  So when it was time to take my new baby to the golf course I decided it would fly with me to Florida and make it’s first appearance at TPC Sawgrass.  Yes I spoil my bag.  I thought it was only appropriate to introduce our new UFO Tour Golf bag at a big venue like TPC Sawgrass.  Here are some photos with our Bunkers Paradise bag at TPC Sawgrass.

Fits perfectly onto golf carts
17th at TPC Sawgrass


Final Thoughts:

Working with UFO Tour Golf has been a blast! From the beginning design process to getting the bag shipped was extremely smooth and easy.  The best part about working with UFO Tour Golf was when the bag finally arrived at my doorstep. I could not believe how beautiful the final product looked.  In this case,  pictures really can’t do it justice.  Thank you to everyone at the UFO Tour for your hard work and for making the most beautiful Bunkers Paradise bag.

Note: UFO Tour Golf also has some other great products that they offer like gloves, towels, shoe bags, umbrellas and they also offer promotional items for all you companies out there.  Go check out UFO Tour Golf, you won’t be disappointed I promise.

Here is a fun video we made about our trip to TPC Sawgrass with a few special appearances from out Bunkers Paradise Staff bag.







Written by BP Staff

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