Wilson Staff D100 Fairway Woods and Hybrids | Quick Look Preview

Wilson Staff has made a substantial comeback over the last decade by incorporating some great technology into their equipment.  With the D100 series of woods, the engineers have used “Right Light Technology”.

From Wilson Staff:

The Right Light Technology delivers faster club head speeds through no additional effort. The low profile flatter head shape of the Wilson Staff D100 fairway woods enhances the MOI for greater forgiveness while the shallow face launches the ball easily in thick rough or tight-cut fairways.

The Right Light Technology adds distance and accuracy to the Wilson Staff D100 hybrid. Perfectly distance-gapped 2 hybrid through 7 hybrid offerings provide an easy-to-hit compliment to the D100 irons.



Wilson Staff’s Right Light technology isn’t the only thing that makes these fairway woods and hybrids special.

For the fairway woods, they have also relocated the CG more towards the heal of the club.  This improves spin rate and launch angle.  The heads and faces of every club are made in different sizes throughout the lofts.  This will provide more forgiveness and will make it easier to hit off tough lies.

For the hybrids, Wilson Staff incorporated a progressive bulge that will increase the forgiveness of these clubs.  Also, they have a rounded sole that will improve the control of shots from various lies.


The fairway woods are available in 3 (15 degree), 5 (18 degree), and 7 (21 degree), with a Matrix Ozik HD5.1 stock shaft.  The hybrids are available in 2 through 7, with a Matrix Ozik Altus 5.6 stock shaft.

Recommended for:

Wilson staff uses F, C and D (Feel, Control, and Distance), when naming their clubs.  This system is to help with the first step when fitting for the right clubs.  The D100 fairway woods and hybrids are for the golfer looking for distance, forgiveness, and confidence.  These are for the player that are looking for game improvement.


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