Cobra BiO CELL+ Fairways | Quick Look Preview

Cobra golf is definitely known for their flashy colors and Cobra Staff Player Rickie Fowler definitely brings a lot of that flash. With the addition of the BiO CELL+ line of fairway metals, it is clear that the folks at Cobra want to be known for their performance, as well as their custom options and flashy colors.

From Cobra:

“In an effort to continually improve upon our top-performing products, we worked in collaboration with some of our Tour players to design the club head on our BiO CELL+ Fairways,” said Jose Miraflor, director of product marketing at COBRA Golf. “The clubs have a great look and feel and are purpose-built to deliver exactly what Tour-level players need.”

Let’s look at some of the new technology in the new BiO CELL+ from the Cobra website:

MyFly8™ Technology with SmartPad™

Golfers can choose from eight simple adjustable loft/trajectory settings to maximize distance, manage trajectory and optimize yardage gaps on any course and any conditions. SmartPad delivers a square face at address with any loft/trajectory setting.

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 9.59.24 AM

High Strength Face Insert and E9™ Face Technology

This will give you driver like performance in a Fairway size. This will allow for more face-flex which will increase ball speed. Faster ball speed=more distance.

Tour-Proven Head Design with a Low Forward CG

This is the result of collaborating with COBRA Golf Tour players—delivers a lower center of gravity for greater distance and trajectory control.

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 9.59.08 AM

Custom shaft options

This will be a major selling point. The stock shaft is MATRIX Red Tie 6Q3. This is a great shaft option. Upgrade options are Diamana D+72 and PXV Tour 52. These are all great options.


The Lamkin Ace 360 is available in 5 colors.

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 9.59.35 AM

Recommended For:

Cobra is pretty clear that this line was devoloped with Tour-level players in mind. I would recommend this to low handicap players.

Written by BP Staff

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