Laser Putt Review: ‘Laser in-the-hole Confidence’

Yips! Ugh I can’t stand to hear that word or even worse experience them.  Here you are stepping up to that ‘easy’ two foot putt. This is for the win with your buddies on Saturday’s skins game. Everything is riding on this putt. You try to calm your mind, address the ball, take a deep breath, and what happens next is like a story line out of ‘The Twilight Zone’.


You didn’t just miss the putt, you missed the entire hole by a mile and here it comes…”OMG, I have the Yips!” Your mind is racing as you file through every thought wondering how on earth you just missed the shortest putt on earth. You wonder if you misread the putt, but deep inside you think, “No way! I was short and I knew how the putt was moving!”

Well, there is a very good chance that where you thought you were aimed and where you were actually aimed were two entirely different places. Did I catch your attention?

Fear no more, there is an amazing product that will assist you in aiming right where you want to! Laser Putt approached us here at Bunkers Paradise with a product like no other. We took a look and saw it was something that must be researched and reviewed. Hey, I may have been a tour player in my life, but I too have difficulty at times aiming where I want to aim. In comes Laser Putt.

Say “Goodbye!” to the yips ;and “Hello!” to Laser-it-in-the-Hole confidence!

The Laser Putt System

The Laser Putt provides the player with a very unique 3 Laser System to assist in alignment and putting confidence with–get this–only two lasers!


The Green Laser Alignment System shows you the precise line, shape and balance of your putting stroke. This allow you to practice with more pinpoint accuracy since you are receiving immediate feedback.


The Red Laser Calibration System helps the player gather more ‘personal stroke’ date on the relationship between the distance of the putt and the player’s backstroke. This part of the 3 Laser System will help you to hone in your skills on feel for distance, pace and speed.


Finally, the Laser Visualization System give the player very powerful images of what a perfect putting stroke looks like based upon the feedback you immediately receive and the player is able to store and recall when facing a similar putt down the road. This part I really like since the mental part of the game is of utmost importance. To get a true feel and image that you are ‘on line’ and putting with precise distance is priceless.

How does it work?

The Laser Putt is a small device that easily attaches to virtually every putter on the market. A simple clamp and thumbscrew attaches the Laser Putt to the shaft of your putter. Really very easy to attach.

Along with the device itself, there is a handy and important Alignment and Calibration Guide that rolls out and runs about 3 feet long and providing the player with precise direction of the clubface aim as well as immediate feedback on where the ball is located within your stance. Making sure you are set up to the putt appropriately is important to the overall success of the putt and Laser Putt gives you exactly what you need to stay true to your ball position, stance and stroke.
laser putt collage 2

Wow! When you open the package it really is amazing how compact the Laser Putt fitting right in the palm of your hand. It has a great attachment feature that is allow you to pop it on and off.

What I like is that it comes with the Alignment Calibration Guide that you place on the ground and the ball sets on a specific point on the 3 foot long guide or you can have your ball right next to it. There are pictures and explanations written right on it and the guide is spot on for getting a sense of ball position and stoke.

The lasers are easy to turn on and off from the device attached to your putter. When they are set and your are ready to putt, the Green Laser line gives you a great insight to your set up and aim as well as immediate feedback during the stroke (it extends along the line of your putt. The Red Laser dot allows you to ‘see’ your target and visualize exactly where the ball will go.

Both the Green Laser Line and Red Laser dot are very prominent and I was able to utilize the Laser Putt at home, my office and on the practice putting green during a cloudy day and more towards dusk. The Lasers are bright, but as with any light (laser, flashlight…etc.) it is much tougher if not impossible to see during the bright daylight outside.

All in all the look and feel is dead on with detail and allowing you to really get to ‘see’ what you are doing throughout the putting process. Take note too, that you can quickly snap it on and off and keep it in your golf bag, briefcase or purse. Easy Peasy.

Laser putt image 2
When a golfer sets up to a putt, the most important thing is their alignment and aim. If you aren’t aligned and  aimed correctly, you are not going to make the putt let along a good stroke.
The Laser Putt gives you the player the ability to check your alignment and aim with a unique technology that is totally unforgiving. The Green Laser Alignment System along with the Red Laser Alignment System allow you to set up and stroke the ball precisely with instant feedback right through what is know as the ‘critical hitting zone’ (approximately the 4 inches behind and 4 inches in front of the ball). Make contact squarely and keeping the flat blade moving along the intended target line is critical to success in putting. The Laser Putt gave me everything I needed to ‘See” what I was doing with my putter and stroke.
One thing that really caught my eye was the Visualization Laser System. This is something I am extremely passionate about and it one of the most critical components to success as a putter and really a golfer. Being able to ‘See’ what you are doing and how well you are aligned and set up is the crucial to be a good putter. Being able to recall the many practice putts you have take along with recalling your alignment and set up in essential to becoming a great putter. The Laser Putt gives you exactly that kind of ‘view’. The Green Laser and Red Lasers are very easy to see and recall. Actually, I am replaying my putting sessions with the Laser Putt right now in my ‘Mind’s Eye’ and my confidence is soaring.
Likewise, I found that I am able to recall exactly the placement with my feet and ball position from the Alignment and Calibration Guide that I placed along my feed and in line with my target. Having the detail right at your feet and ‘seeing’ exactly where you are is such a great feeling and gave me the recall I needed to can a few putts yesterday that I usually don’t make as often.
Really, I can go on and on with how amazing the Laser Putt is and how I think it has really improved my putting in just a few days of use. I even have my better half loving all over it and really understanding how important alignment, aim, balance and an stoking the ball on line is through the ‘critical hitting zone’.
Final Thoughts
There are many options out there for improving your game. If you really break it all down, putting is one of the most important and usually neglected part of the game. If approximately 40% of your strokes when all totaled are from putting, then investing in something to improve that aspect is extremely important.
The Laser Putt is an amazing, convenient, portable, compact and immediate feedback product that I feel players who what to improve their game and decrease there scores should invest in and make it part of their practice routine on and off the course.
It is so easy to pop on your putter, align the Green and Red Laser Systems, address the ball with your Alignment and Calibration Guide and get putting. It took me a whole 3 minutes from snap on to first putt.
The Laser Putt is something I absolutely love. In just a few putts, I knew exactly what I was doing incorrectly, I made the adjustment and kerplunk…the balls started dropping and not missing by a hair.
I don’t know about you, but I like to 1-putt!
Important note: Do not look directly into the Laser at any time. Looking down and using the lasers as your guide is perfectly fine, but never ever pick up product and look straight at the lasers–it may cause eye damage.
On behalf of Bunkers Paradise, I give the Laser Putt an Eagle Rating
‘keep smiling and always believe’




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