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We got our hands on Wilson Golf’s new 2014 line of irons, which include the C100, D100 and FG Tour M3 Irons. I recently talked with the folks over at Wilson Staff and they stressed to me the importance of each golfer getting properly fit. Wilson Staff understands that every golfer is unique. I definitely don’t swing like a pro golfer, where others might. One other thing Wilson wanted to stress was how they intend to make every golfers’ game better by utilizing their F-C-D golf clubs and fitting process. The F-C-D stands for Feel (FG Tour M3), Control (C100) and Distance (D100 ES).

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In this review we will be taking a look at the Wilson Staff D100 ES Irons.  Last years model of the D100 clubs caught a lot of people by surprise.  Well if you haven’t noticed, Wilson Staff is back and here to stay.  The crew over at Wilson Staff has put a lot of research into their 2014 line of irons.  They paid close attention to launch angle, spin rates, size and shape of each iron in the F-C-D family of irons. So let’s get into the NEW Wilson Staff D100Es Irons.


Wilson D100 ES Irons


Just like the C100 irons from Wilson Staff, the D100 ES Irons are a visually pleasing iron.  The D100ES iron is a little bigger than the C100, which is to be expected as it is a more forgiving iron.  The D100ES is meant to be long and forgiving.  When I say it is bigger, I’m not talking in bulk but the overall face of the club is slightly larger.  The thickness of the club is just right in my opinion for a game improvement iron.  No one likes a big clunky iron when they look down at address.  The face is actually quite thin for a game improvement iron.  Wilson did a good job hiding the cavity on the back of the club as well.  I also like the mix of metals they used to get that sleek look.  I also liked the Wilson red on the back near the cavity along with the Wilson Staff logo.
Wilson D100 ES Irons


The D100ES is definitely the lightest iron Wilson is putting out for 2014.  Normally I am not a fan of super light irons, but in this case the bigger club face almost negates that light feeling.  I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but visually it didn’t feel heavy.  Ok, now I think that actually made less sense, but I think you get what I mean.  Wilson Staff has two options for stock shafts, which are the True Temper SL 85 in steel and the Matrix Studio 6.1 graphite.  It also comes with the Wilson Staff Tour Traction Grip.  We tried out the graphite shaft to see how it would hold up and we were quite impressed.  Overall the feel of the club is pretty standard expect with how light it is.


First three shots…… BOOM!! Really!  I know that is an odd way to start a paragraph but I wanted to make sure you got the point.  My first three shots with the Wilson D100ES Irons had me hooked.  I could feel the ball jumping off the face. I don’t normally play with graphite shafts so I had to slow down my swing just a tad to start, but once I started grooving them, I sped up my swing and the shaft performed just fine.   They come with the exoskeleton technology that is supposed to help with stability on mis-hits and forgiveness as well.  So what better way to test that technology than purposely hitting shots off the heel and toe.  I put up a graphic below for you to see Wilson Staff’s design of the D100ES.
Wilson Staff D Player D100 ES Irons  TheGreekGrind Pappas
I have heard some people say these are the most forgiving irons they have ever hit.  I can’t make that claim, but I can tell you that they are ridiculously forgiving.
Also with the D100ES irons you will have no issues getting your ball up into the air.  They have a great release off the club and the ball flies high and beautiful.  Golf Club makers have figured out that people want a little help getting their ball into a good flight pattern.  Especially when it comes to game improvement irons.   Wilson Staff has come up with a high flying, long and forgiving iron with the D100ES.

Final Thoughts:

I sent out a tweet the other day on Twitter where I told people not to sleep on Wilson Staff and I meant it.  Everyone likes to look at all the big dogs and mostly that is because they don’t have the knowledge about other possibilities out there.  I’m not saying other club makers have bad golf clubs, but what I’m saying is, Wilson Staff is just as good, if not better than some other club makers on the market.  Don’t let the slide under your radar.

Again we got a sneak peak of the F-C-D Irons, which will be available at retails stores in January of 2014.

For more information please visit their website

Written by BP Staff

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