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TaylorMade Golf has been pushing out new lines of golf clubs pretty often these days and a lot of people like to talk negative about that.  But I think about it like this.  If I had new technology that could improve golfers games, and I made golf clubs, I would want to share that with everyone.  After all, isn’t the name of the game to make a better golf club than last time?  We have all heard of the “Speed pocket” from TaylorMade, but what exactly is it?  Also, what is it about the SpeedBlade Irons that make them better than the next set of irons on the market.  TaylorMade claims the Speedblade irons make all other irons inferior.  Now that’s a pretty heavy claim but they say they can back it up.  Well let’s find out.

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What’s a Speed Pocket?  TaylorMade put a deep slot behind the clubface that allows the face to flex and rebound faster, which in turn should give you higher ball speeds off the face.   Thought being, increased ball speeds, increased distance.  Also the Speed Pocket is meant to get you more control by having the ball land at a steeper angle, which allows the ball to stop faster.

They also lowered the clubhead’s CG to also increase launch angles for higher and longer ball flight.

From TaylorMade:

With irons, most golfers make impact low on the face – our studies show it happens 72% of the time. Speed, launch and distance suffers. The Speed Pocket promotes fast ball speed and high launch on low hits, giving you long distance on nearly every swing.

TaylorMade Speedblade Irons Behind


I think the TaylorMade SpeedBlade irons are a fantastic golf club to look at.  The colors look good, sharp and clean and the coordination of the design is smooth.  Have there been better looking golf clubs on the market? Yes, probably so, but these are no slouches in the looks department.  I’m a big fan of the two tone satin nickel chrome along with the dark smoke satin ion plating.  From address, the top line isn’t super small, but it’s not super thick either, which I think adds to your confidence when hitting.   Some golfers find it extremely difficult when the top line is super thin.  The other feature I like is the blue highlights they added.

TaylorMade Speedblade Iron Back Pocket


The SpeedBlade Irons come stock with the TaylorMade SpeedBlade Rubber grip, like the one you see below.  These grips are actually very good grips and you could walk out of the stores knowing that they will perform just fine.  No need to re-grip here.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 1.29.05 PM

As for the club, the SpeedBlade Irons had a good solid feel to them.  The Irons I tested came with stock 85 gram stiff steel shafts, which worked fairly well with my swing.  I have a swing speed of about 100 MPH so I don’t need any extra stiffness in my shafts then that and the weighting was just perfect.  My normal specs are + 2 Degrees Upright Lie Angle, which wasn’t on these clubs but it didn’t effect the testing one bit.  The SpeedBlades felt good through the swing all the way to finish.  When hitting that “sweet” spot, the ball felt really nice.  I remember telling my father after hitting the 7 iron for several minutes, how it was one of the better 7 irons I have hit this year.


Now to where it all matters, the performance.  When testing a set of irons, I like to start with the pitching wedge, move to the 7 iron and then up the ladder from there.  After first starting with the pitching wedge I could tell the SpeedBlade Irons were going to be nice.  They had a decent soft feel at impact and the ball flew high.  I don’t have any issues getting the ball into the air with my irons, but the speedblades made it extremely easy to get a high flying ball, which is one of their goals with this club.

I then moved to the 7 iron and hit my first two shots flush and that was the feeling I was looking for.  The ball popped off the face, flew high and landed softly.  The Speedblades did fairly well on mishits.  I have hit a few other clubs on the market in the same category as the SpeedBlades that were a bit more forgiving.  The difference being that the SpeedBlades still allow for more workability than the others.

Let’s talk distance now as these bad boys are supposed to fly off the face for added distance.  When hit flush you can really feel that popping off the face with the Speed Pocket.  It had a very nice feel.  However, I didn’t notice a huge increase in distance with the SpeedBlades.  Don’t get me wrong, they go plenty far, high and land soft, but if you are looking for an extra 15 yards, you may be disappointed. Let’s be honest though, do you really expect a golf club to give you an extra 15-20 yards?


Written by BP Staff

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