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In efforts to keep our readers informed with some of the top tweets from around the golf world, we have our Top Tweets of the Week from the Bunkers Paradise Community.  We have a lot of fun on Twitter as I’m sure you know if you follow us.  If you don’t follow us, make sure to join us for fun, giveaways and lots of golf talk. We also like to interact with you, our fans.  So let’s get this weeks Top Tweets of the Week started.

Best Caption This Tweet: Our first tweet comes from Cleveland Golf’s Social Media Director Alex DePallo, which was a “Caption this photo”.  Take a look back at some of the captions…. Good stuff!


Emotional Tweet: Our next tweet comes from Jason Day. If you have been watching the news at all, you know that Jason lost 8 of his family members recently and then used the will to win to get a victory one week later at the World Cup. Day had this to share to the world after his victory.


Fun Tweet: If you follow Rickie Fowler on Twitter, you will know that he loves his sponsors. In this tweet from Folwer, he shows some love to Puma Golf for their support.


Best Hashtag: of the week clearly goes to Harry Arnett of Callaway Golf. Check out the hashtag on this tweet. Classic! #10MajorsBetweenUs Haha… Well done Harry.


Love from the Pros: We just wanted to share this next tweet because we love to interact with all the pros on twitter and it’s always nice to get some reciprocation. Thank you Gerina Piller for the tweet and good luck this coming season! We expect a couple wins.


Worst Salesman Ever: Our very own Matt Delancey sent us this tweet with attached video of a salesman who apparently wants to buy your golf clubs. LOL


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