Cleveland Smart Sole C Wedge Review – Get Smart About Your Game

Before heading into what our thoughts are in this Cleveland Smart Sole C Wedge review, let’s see what Cleveland Golf had to say about this NEW release.

“Our widest wedge sole has been engineered to prevent excess digging in turf and sand, promoting solid contact and consistent club head speed from every lie around the green. “


“With a design that promotes proper short-game technique, Smart Sole C encourages crisper, more consistent greenside chips with easier control of launch and distance. “

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At set-up the Smart Sole C looks like a smaller iron head at 42 degrees it has the similar loft of my 9 iron.  As with the Smart Sole S, the bounce on the club is where you see the technology. Designed to help you with your short game, specifically chipping and low bump and run shots.  It might not be every golfers favorite looking golf club, but it was created with a purpose so make sure to take that into consideration.

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Chipping: As with most mid-handicappers chipping can be literally hit and miss. With the Smart Sole C chips come off nicely with a nice low trajectory and very predictable run out. I spent a good hour around the chipping green hitting to various hole locations with above average success. There is no manipulating of the club head or your swing, simply set-up and swing. My girlfriend who is new to golfing had some practice time as well and she instantly fell in love with how easy and accurate the Smart Sole C Wedge performs.

Bump and Run: This is a shot I struggle with, I either chunk the ball about 2 feet or skull it over the green frightening other golfers on the course. With the Smart Sole C, I was very successfully able to hit bump and runs from 15-20 yards off the green to within tap in range. As with the chipping the ball comes off low with just the right amount of spin and runs out nicely.

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Final Thoughts:

The Cleveland Smart Sole C Wedge, is definitely a game improvement wedge designed for mid to high-handicappers. The added benefit of using the C wedge is that my overall chipping and bump and run shots have improved. After practicing with C wedge and gaining the confidence, feel and stroke needed to hit these shots my overall short game is much better. I would recommend the Cleveland Golf Smart Sole C Wedge for golfers of all skill levels, it will help beginners, mid to high-handicappers and help more established golfers gain some confidence as well.

By Phil Burns

Twitter: @dmgolfer 

Written by BP Staff

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