Mizuno JPX Wedges Review: Quick Look

What do you look for in a wedge? More spin? Better feel? Smooth sole? Have you ever found all in one wedge? Mizuno makes some the best quality golf clubs in golf. Their wedges are no exception. The JPX wedges have amazing technology and design that sets them apart from any other wedge out on the market.

From Jeff Cook, Director of Tour Operations:

Not everyone wants a small compact, blade type wedge. The JPX Series are more than versatile enough for cavity iron players – but the grooves are tour level precision and depth. These wedges are forgiving, but will still stop the ball dead.


  • Quad Cut groove
  • Loft specific grooves
  • Smooth cambered sole
  • CNC milled face
  • Harmonic Impact Technology
  • Black Ni finish
  • Multiple lofts/bounces

This list of features combined makes any wedge a top choice of mine! The Quad Cut groove design helps take full advantage of the USGA guidelines. These grooves also are loft specific. Mizuno has made wider and shallower grooves on the higher lofted wedges and deep narrow grooves on lower lofted wedges.


It’s easier to hit a wedges from variable lies with a smooth sole. Mizuno has incorporated a smooth cambered sole into these wedges for a more effective bounce. Along with this bounce, they have added the CNC milled face. This face will add friction during impact to increase spin on shorter shots. Along with this technology, you get the classic Mizuno feel. The Harmonic Impact Technology makes for a solid feel.


Glare from a club can bother a golfer when trying to hit the perfect shot. The JPX wedges have a black finish, so you can play at anytime of the day without being distracted. These wedges are adaptable to any player. They come in multiple lofts and bounces that will fit in with any set make-up.




Custom options for shafts and grips are available.

Recommended For:

The JPX wedges are made for any golfer who is looking for a great wedge. The best feature in these wedges are the multiple lofts and bounces they are available in. They can fit into any player’s set of clubs. If you are a golfer who is looking for a great set of wedges that will improve your up-and-downs, try these out! Figure out which bounces and lofts work best and fit them right into your set.

For more information on the Mizuno JPX wedges, click here.

Written by BP Staff

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