Taylormade RocketBladez Max Ladies Irons Review | Quick Look

Taylormade makes some of the most forgiving women’s irons out on the market.  They make it easier for women to hit it longer but with an effortless feel.  The RocketBladez Max irons have some awesome technology that will help any golfer play their best.


  • RBZ Speed Pocket
  • Hollow-head construction
  • Visible tungsten weights
  • Polyurethane in Speed Pocket

These irons include Taylormade’s Speed Pocket design that allows more ball-speed, even on the mis-hits that are low on the face.  The pocket also allows the face to flex at impact, which increase distance and high ball-speed.

The 4-7 iron have a hollow-head, metal-wood design and a ultra-thin clubface.  This will help increase forgiveness, launch, and distance.  Most women have trouble hitting lower irons.  The hollow-head construction of the 4-7 irons, there will be more of a chance to hit it solid and hit greens from those tough, long approach shots.


The Max irons also provided visible tungsten weights in the toe, which will pull the CG directly to the center of the club-face.  With the CG in the center, impact on that spot will deliver maximum distance and ball-speed.  Taylormade also incorporated polyurethane in the Speed Pocket to help give a better feel.  This better feel comes from less vibration without affecting the flexing of the face.

From Taylormade:

All of the technology and knowledge that TaylorMade has regarding how to make an iron go far is what makes the RocketBladez Max the longest iron we’ve ever created.


  • Available in 4-SW
  • Shaft:  L-Flex, Matrix Program 45 grams
  • Grip:  Winn RBladez Max Women’s 46 grams

Custom options are available.


Recommended for:

The RocketBladez Maz Irons would be best for women looking for more distance.  They will also help make your iron game more consistent by allowing your mis-hits to go farther and straighter.  If you want to improve the number of greens you hit, these irons are for you!

Final Thoughts:

My favorite feature of these irons is the metal-wood design of the 4-7 irons.  Most women, and myself, have a hard time hitting longer iron shots consistantly these irons will improve your accuracy and ball flight from those tough shots.  These irons were made with every woman golfer in mind.

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Written by BP Staff

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