Odyssey Protype Tour Series #6 Putter Review | Quick Look

The Odyssey Protype tour series putters were made with feedback from some of the best Tour Players in the world.  They designed these putters for any golfer who wants a premium made putter.  These putters are crafted to make you feel like your putting like a pro. When looking for the right putter, you want to make sure it has a great feel.  This putter is made from 1025 carbon steel, which makes it have a soft feel.  The softer the feel, the more control you will have over your putts.  The Prototype Tour Series Putter heads were designed to be heavier for shorted models to enhance the accuracy of your putts.  Heavier putts also help you gain more control over your putts. The Prototype Tour Series Putters won a Silver Medal in the 2012 Golf Digest Hot List.  Golf Digest called these putter’s roll one of the purest they have experienced. From Odyssey:

A deeper, sharper milling pattern on the face increases interaction between the face and the ball for better feel, truer roll and more consistency.


The #6 putter is available for right-handed players only.  With a blade head, this putter is available in 33, 34, and 35 inches in length.  It has 30 degrees of loft with a 71 degree lie.

Final Thoughts:

The Odyssey Prototype Tour Series #6 Putter looks really solid.  I really like blade putters that have a heavier head.  I have trouble keeping blade putters under control but with the extra weight, this putter will keep your stroke steady.  I really think this putter will help any player putt with accuracy from any length on the green.  Want a putter that will help you shed some strokes?  This putter is available right now!  Go try it out.

Written by BP Staff

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