Odyssey Protype Tour Series #5 CS Putter Review : Quick Look

The Odyssey team has produced some of the greatest putters out there.  Players on tour love them and amateur golfers love them.  In 2012 they released the Protype Tour Series Putters.  These putters were designed by taking information and feedback from tour players to create putters that give premium putters to any golfer.

The Protype putters were given a silver medal in the 2012 Golf Digest Hot List and they have the purest roll of any they have experienced.  These putters are pure and have a softer feel do to the fact they are made from carbon steel.  With deep, sharp milled face, this putter creates more consistency and a truer roll because of the increase interaction with that face and the ball.

The Protype Tour Series putters were made with heavier heads that will help you keep control of the putter during your stroke.  This particular putter is a mallet which will give you added consistency.

From Odyssey:

Subtle tweaks to the design allow us to optimize the putter head with the shaft length using slightly heavier heads for shorter models to optimize feel, control and accuracy.


The #5 CS putter has a mallet head and is only available for right handed players.  It is 35 inches in length and has 3 degrees of loft with a 70 degree lie angle.

Final Thoughts:

Mallet putters have always helped me keep steady during nerve racking putts.  Since this putter has extra weight, it could really improve your stroke during putts from any length.  The polished steel with satin finish will help with glare so you can play during any time of the day without an issue.  All around I really like this putter and I think it could really help shed some strokes.  This putter is available now so go try it out!

Written by BP Staff

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