Odyssey Protype Tour Series #5 Putter Review : Quick Look


The Protype Tour Series line of putters were designed to give amateur golfers a chance to putt like a pro.  Odyssey’s team has taken some feedback from professional tour players to help create a premium line of putters that give golfers a better solid feel on the greens.

From Odyssey:

Feedback from Tour pros provided insights that allowed the Odyssey design team to create the most finely tuned putters we’ve ever created. This precise craftsmanship creates ideal balance to promote a smooth stroke.

This putters is made from carbon steel which gives it a softer feel.  But it does not lose it crisp feel that you will get from a stainless steel putter.  A softer feel is what draws me to a putter.  Putting is all about feel and this putter will give you a better chance to make solid putts.

The Odyssey Protype Tour Series putters received a silver medal in the 2012 Golf Digest Hot List.  Golf Digest said:

The roll is one of the purest I’ve experienced


This particular Protype Series Putter has a mallet head.  It is available only for right handed golfers.  The putter is 35 inches in length with 3 degrees of loft and a 70 degree lie angle.

Final Thoughts:

This putter has a great look and as a mallet it can give you the confidence you need to make putts from anywhere.  I have played both mallets and blades but mallets give you a little more weight and control.  This putter is available in golf shops and online, so go try it out!

Written by BP Staff

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