Odyssey Protype Tour Series #4 HT Putter Review: Quick Look

Putting is part of the golfer’s personality–You need to have a flat blade in your hand that speaks to who you are and gives you the edge you need to drop putts! Odyssey Protype Tour Series putters put you on the green with confidence especially the Odyssey Protype Tour Series #4 HT Putter.

Bunkers Paradise is taking a quick look at the Odyssey Protype Tour Series #4 HT Putter with its squared-off high toe blade featuring a scooped back, crank-neck hosel and full-shaft offset. If offset is your go to for dropping putts, then look no further.

This putter received a Silver Medal from the ‘Hot List’ for putter with many feeling like the roll is one of the purest to date. Launched in 2012, you will be able to get your hands on this putter from Odyssey, golf shops and pro shops around the globe.

Let’s take a quick look at why this putter is one for sinking putts on the green:

Softer Feel, Truer Roll and More consistency

A deeper, sharper milling pattern on the face increases interaction between the face and the ball for better feel, truer roll and more consistency. 1025 carbon steel head produces similar performance characteristics to stainless steel with a softer feel.

Optimized Control and Accuracy

Subtle tweaks to the design allow us to optimize the putter head with the shaft length using slightly heavier heads for shorter models to optimize feel, control and accuracy.

High Polish Steel provides a classic look. The Satin finish is designed to meet the demands of Tour Players seeking a modern take on a traditional look

I can see that the polished look goes beyond the tour player and it will give you a better set up without the potential glare you many receive different parts of the day. All players will get a real sense of the traditional look and feel true confidence with the angles created by the design team in your set up–you will find yourself more often than not right on line with your target with little effort.




The Odyssey Protype Tour Series #4 HT Putter is available for both right-handed and left-handed players. The loft is 3 degrees with lie angle 70 degrees and you can get the putter in 33, 34 or 35 inches in length.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Odyssey Protype Tour Series #4 HT Putter looks amazing from the standpoint of setting up to the ball on the green with a off-set blade. I have played years with this type of putter and had much success.

If you are looking for a true roll and accurate roll, this putter may be the answer for you to lower those ‘putt-per-round’ number. Make sure you have your local pro or fitter to assist in getting the correct length for you as it can make all the difference in the world to mental confidence in your stroke.

Give the Odyssey Protype Tour Series #4 HT Putter a look. We at Bunkers Paradise will certainly give you a detailed review once we get one in our hands. Until then, let us know how awesome the putter works for you and we can make sure we share your views with our Bunkers Paradise Community.


‘keep smiling and always believe’





Written by BP Staff

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