Sunfish Hand Knitted HeadCovers Review: Personalize Your Game

What is the one thing that makes your set of golf clubs stand out from everyone else? Is is that you have the latest and newest clubs? Maybe, but what really sets your clubs apart from someones else is your golf club headcovers.  You walk over to the sets of golf clubs over by the starter box and you look at the headcovers to decipher which clubs are yours.  Wether you have a big Tiger or customized headcover, you know exactly which set of clubs are yours.

Sunfish was started by two friends, David Riggs and Alonzo Guess.  Both David and Alonzo come from very extensive marketing backgrounds and love the game of golf.  So what better way to have fun then create some headcovers.

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Sunfish Headcovers are made from 100% natural New Zealand wool and all of them are hand knitted.  They chose New Zealand wool because they wanted their headcovers to last a lifetime and be able to withstand the elements.  Their knitted headcovers fit any club from a 460cc driver to a hybrid/utility wood.  Sunfish offers a huge variety of colors to choose from, as seen above, so you can match your golf bag, favorite team, school or just pick your favorite colors. Prices from $24.99.

The Sunfish Goal:

Our goal is to make our customers 100% satisfied and continually improve our product line.  We are focused on knitted wool and have the highest quality products at affordable prices.



Sunfish sent us over a set of headcovers to check out and there is no denying that these headcovers look fantastic.  I’m a sucker for handmade products because I think it adds more character.  My mother has been crocheting for years and makes our entire family blankets, scarves and other items to fit each of our likes.  Maybe that is one of the reasons I love these hand knitted headcovers by Sunfish.  The wool is extremely thick on these headcovers and will definitely protect your golf clubs.  Their is elastic knitted into the fabric at the bottom and under the head for a nice firm fit. Sunfish has told me that they make their headcovers with the highest quality wool available and guarantee years of performance.


Final Thoughts:

I love the Sunfish headcovers for several reasons.  I like the fact that I can customize them to the color scheme that I want.  I like that they are made with the highest quality wool and are hand knitted by master knitters. Lastly they look amazing and are extremely affordable.


For more information and to purchase your hand knitted headcovers from Sunfish go to their website HERE.






Written by BP Staff

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