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In the world of darts, there is a term known as the white horse.  This is when a player hits three different cricket triples in three consecutive shots.  A clutch scoring move when playing against another person or team.

In the world of golf, Odyssey presents us with their own clutch scoring move, their new White Hot insert, the Pro D.A.R.T Putter.

Their goal for this year’s white hot series, was to bring back the classic performance feel of the original white hot inserts with an updated look.  For the mallet construction, Odyssey brought back the old two-ball V-line design and gave it a “modern” look.   Their second goal was make a putter which wouldn’t distract the golfer from their shot.  To do so there are three unique features to the overall design of the putter.

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The first the is overall finish of the mallet, which is a Gun Metal PVD coating which will retract the glare while playing on a bright day.  While this is aesthetically pleasing, this coating also ensures protection from scratches and scuffs, providing to the golfer long term durability.  The second main feature is their D.A.R.T alignment system that was introduced back in 2011.  D.A.R.T stands for Direction And Realignment Technology.

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This unique feature allows players, once they have lined up the shot for the direction the want the ball to roll, they can use the three white lines to realign the shot once again for better aim.  To realign, golfers will focus their eyes on the three white lines (which look like the fins of dart) making sure all three point to the center of the ball.  This is known as their “target” system.  The final feature to this club is the additional consumer adjustable weighting, which ranges from 350 to 370 grams.  This allows golfer to find the perfect weight balance for their putter, so they never have to worry again about the head of the club being too light or too heavy.

These new features will help pave the way for how manufacturers develop clubs in the near future.  Of all clubs, the putter should be your best friend.  If you don’t trust your club, then what’s the point of holding on to it.  Odyssey is providing golfers the opportunity to walk up to the greens with ease.  The D.A.R.T system is not just  tool on the club, it’s a confidence booster for anyone whose putting is not as strong as they want it to be.  By the time they become fully adjusted to using this club, after each putt all they will be saying is, “Bullseye.”

Recommended For: Any player who struggles with alignment during putting and is looking for a solid mallet style putter.



Written by BP Staff

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