Golf Review: The Marc Pro–Improve Performance

Ever played a round of golf and you feel like you can barely move? Or better yet, after an intense workout, 18 holes of golf and enjoying time with your kids playing ball you find you are sore and the next morning it feels like you were run over by a truck?

I think we can all say with some degree of confidence and honesty that we have had these moments where we just feel ‘dead’ or achy from either a golf workout or a simple round.

In comes a product that can change the way you feel and help you to recover faster and feel more like a young athlete.

The President of Marc Pro contacted Bunkers Paradise to see what we thought about a device that can help us recover after a long day on the course and improve our performance on the course. Of course, if there is something that can help performance and endurance—bring it on!

I was the chosen one since there are a couple areas that are ‘problem’ spots for me that sometimes inhibit my ability to play golf.  If this device can give me serious relief, than I am a happy golfer with more confidence.

The Marc Pro--Speed Recovery while Improving Performance
The Marc Pro–Speed Recovery while Improving Performance

What is Marc Pro

Marc Pro is an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Device that is intended to facilitate muscle performance. Marc Pro stimulates the targeted muscle or group of muscles to assist in conditioning that muscle pre and post intense athletic activity.

It can help the golfer by reducing muscle fatigue or soreness—recover faster and get back on the course as fast as possible. What’s even more important is that it will keep you on the course rather than sitting out due to soreness.

With the help of Marc Pro, you can find yourself performing better if you don’t have the ‘hang-over’ golf fatigue. If you need to compete or simply play a 2 day member guest, then this device may be the answer to reducing those annoying areas that can force you into making that call of pulling out of the round.

Another benefit of using Marc Pro on a regular basis is helping prevent injury because your muscles are recovering better and you are not playing with a sore area that can lead to a more serious injury.

What is great about the Marc Pro is that it will improve the capacity of your vascular system—the vessels in your body will be delivering more oxygenated blood to muscles groups and therefore the muscles can do more and last longer.

‘The Marc Pro is NOT intended to be used for therapy or treatment of medical diseases or medical conditions.’

How to Use the Marc Pro

From Marc Pro:

‘The Marc Pro electronic muscle conditioning device is comfortable and very easy to use. There are two independent channels (A and B) and two self-adhesive electrodes per channel. Each channel can be used on separate muscles or muscle groups. The device should be used while sitting or lying in a relaxed position.

After connecting the device, operation is simple. The intensity dial should be turned up according to the user’s pace and range of comfort. The initial sensation is similar to a heartbeat, but as the intensity is increased the muscle contraction will become stronger. A strong contraction is desirable, and in most cases will be possible since even strong, visible contractions are non-fatiguing to muscles. This is what makes Marc Pro unique and ideal for muscle conditioning.

A typical session with the Marc Pro device should last about 30 minutes. For muscle recovery, sessions can be performed one or two times per day as needed. If increased muscle conditioning and enhanced performance are desired, the device should be consistently used one to two times per day, at least three days per week.’

Let me add that it is very easy to use and more than convenient. It is perfect for hooking yourself up to the targeted areas, just sit back and take in some golf on the Golf Channel. I will say that staying relaxed is key because it is a little uncomfortable if one moves around with it on. With the targeted areas ‘firing’ when you are all hooked up, it makes sense just to relax and let the Marc Pro do its thing.

Look and Feel

The Marc Pro is very compact and can be taken anywhere I go. I have used it in the car, on a plane, my desk, before a round of golf, and of course at home watching golf (or Dancing with the Stars J ). It truly will fit a very small gym bag, a purse, carry-on, or its own carry case.

The self-adhesive pads are easy to apply and stay right where you place it without thinking twice it may fall off. In time, however, you will need to replace the pads as they do lose their stickiness due to an accumulation of our own ‘body dirt’.

Adjusting the intensity is as simple as adjusting the volume on your TV, radio, or IPod…the knobs are easy to grab and dial in to the level of intensity you seek.

The look is discreet with the pads just as round as circle you can make between your thumb and middle finger. It just looks like you are hooked into a small Universal Remote.


As a former athlete and one who has had multiple surgeries, I took on the Marc Pro to see if it really lived up to the hype. I see that it is used by runners, bicyclists, tennis players, skiers…now how about a golfer.

I gave the Marc Pro a good month to see what impact it would have on my overall performance and most importantly my recovery.  

It was not only convenient but also very comfortable. I was able to use the Marc Pro at the suggested 30 minute intervals watching TV, flying on a plane and just relaxing and felt absolutely no discomfort because I was in charge of the controls.

What I found was amazing. I targeted two areas that have giving me problems for some time—my right knee and shoulders. These areas have given me grief after rounds of golf and workout sessions. For one month I wanted to see if there was any overall improvement in recovery and performance. And allow me to define performance as not having any limitations due to soreness or muscle fatigue from stress.

Kate’s Jury is in and we have success and an overall improvement with both the right knee (which includes hamstring and calf) and shoulders. With any golfer we all tend to hold a lot of stress in your upper torso and shoulder region and over time this can fatigue and give us troubles.

Trouble no more. I feel looser and more flexible throughout my entire swing. I really feel that it is due to consistent use and the Marc Pro’s ability to help my muscles recover faster—now I know what was holding me back. The knee too feels better and I am able to work out again doing squats and long walks knowing I can get quicker recovery using my Marc Pro.

I realize that some people out there don’t feel that golf can really do a number on the body, but let me tell you it can and if we can do something to be proactive and give our body’s a chance to recover faster…isn’t it worth it?

Final Thoughts

The golf swing is one of the worse things you can do to the human body. Think about it—we swing un-godly mphs around our spinal column and stop on a dime. Not to mention we tweak every joint in our body to get the most out of every shot. Leave it to the golfer to not stretch before or after the round (like we do working out!) and think we can just pop up the next morning and do it all again.

In time, golf can give us some soreness and pain. The Marc Pro may be able to change all that and enhance your overall experience by allowing for quicker recovery and thus better performance day in and day out.

I want to play this game until I die and I plan to be here to well after 100 years old…so I want and need the Marc Pro to keep me performing at the level I want to play at. How about you? Trust me, if I believe it the Marc Pro, so should you.

Grab yourself the Marc Pro and let Bunkers Paradise know your thoughts and results.

For more information on the Marc Pro click HERE.

Bunkers Paradise gives the Marc Pro and Birdie Rating



‘keep smiling and always believe’

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