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Mizuno Golf continually puts out some of the best looking golf clubs in the industry.  Not only do they produce great looking golf clubs, they produce great hitting ones as well.  Mizuno Golf started their MP series of Irons back in 2002 with the MP-33 Irons (photo below).



With a continual push to make better golf clubs every single year, we now introduce you to the Mizuno MP-54 Irons.  In this quick look review we will just touch on a few things, so let’s get started.

From Mizuno:

“The MP-54 is for players who have grown up on forgiving golf equipment – but want a little bit more from their shotmaking. It still has all the forgiveness most modern players are used to – but with so much more feel and workability. It’s still MP, still traditional – but more aggressive.”

– David Llewellyn, Golf Club R&D Manager


  • Step Muscle Design: Creates additional thickness behind impact for solid feel.
  • Grain Flow Forged: From a single 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel billet.
  • Milled Pocket Cavity (3-7): Off center stability, higher launch, and a steep landing angle.
  • Solid Muscle Design (8-PW): Enhanced feel and maneuverability.
  • Perimeter Grind: Reduces topline appearance and sole width.
  • Custom Set Make Ups: Available in mixed/combo sets or with MP-H4 long iron alternative.


Mizuno Golf creates some of the most spectacular looking golf clubs know to man and the MP-54 iron falls right into place.  With clean crisp lines and a sleek look your friends will definitely be impressed when you pull these bad boys out of the bag.  The MP54 is a one piece forged carbon steel club with a “Step Muscle” design to keep the feel of thickness behind at impact.  The 3-7 irons are designed for stability on off centered hits, while the 8-PW have no milled cavity, with the idea for better workability.  With Mizuno Golf’s Grain Flow technology, they really have created a great feeling and beautiful golf club with the MP-54 irons.



The Mizuno MP-54 Irons targets players who want game improvement performance and shot making ability at the same time.  Like I mentioned before, with the 3-7 irons being set up for stability and the 8-PW set up for workability.  They have also created a very wide sole to help you get in and out of the turn better.  When you take your first swings with these clubs you will notice a very good balance of weight that goes along with the thick look, giving you a lot of confidence at address.

Recommended For:

I really think that the Mizuno MP54 Irons are a great choice for the golfer who needs some help with his long irons but is a solid ball striker with his short irons.  Long iron play can be tricky and the MP-54’s will assist most players in that area.  As a 12 handicap golfer, I found these to be refreshing.  I still need some help with my long irons, but I am not looking for super game improvement irons for my short game.  So these clubs are a great choice if you are in the same boat as I am.

For More information on the MP54 Irons click HERE.





Written by BP Staff

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