Worst Golf Ad Ever? | 9-11 Tribute Gone Bad at Tumbledown Trails Golf Course

As I was scrolling through my daily reading I came across the story of the owners from Tumbledown Trails in Wisconsin using the anniversary of the attacks of 9-11 as an advertising campaign.  My first thought is why would anyone use some a tragic day in our nations history as a ploy to make money.  I can’t believe that anyone in their right mind would do something like this on purpose and probably just didn’t think it all the way through, which is obviously the case here.

Below is the ad that Tumbledown Trails posted.

Coupon for discount golf

Well you can imagine what kind of backlash this started and it began to be wildfire that Tumbledown Trails just couldn’t seem to put out.  They were flooded with angry messages, comments and even had threats sent to them via phone messages, Facebook messages and responses on Twitter.

Here was Tumbledown Trails first apology:

Tumbledown Trails apology

Tumbledown gives a discount

Even after numerous apologies and explanations, the public outcry was not stopping and the management decided they needed to take steps to protect their staff from any possible threats.

Tumbledown Apology #3

Owner Mark Watts of Tumbledown Trails had this to say to the media,

“Maybe we didn’t put enough thought into it (the ad).” However, he also told us that his family-run business has been offering the discounted round of golf for three years without a single complaint from his local customers, claiming that many thanked him for finding “a unique way to keep the memory of 9-11 alive.”

The staff decided not to open today on the anniversary to keep their staff safe and have also taken down their Facebook page.  There is no official statement on why they took down their Facebook page but I would imagine all the backlash was getting to be too much.


I don’t think the Watts family had bad intentions when they decided to run this ad, but on such a day of tragedy, sometimes you have to think things through a bit more.  I think it would have been a great thing to run an ad to raise money from the get go for the 9-11 memorial instead of after being attacked.

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