Golf Review: Zeroline’s Golf MTRx APP

Time to Develop a More Powerful Swing with a Unique Tool

Zeroline approached us at Bunkers Paradise to take a good look at the Golf MTRx APP and see what we think. After a discussion, our Founder decided that I would take it on and give it what you have heard before is the ‘Intensive Kate Hughes Challenge’. I didn’t know much about it because I am an old school player—you know the one that played on tour and uses her legs to walk off yardages and ‘feels’ her swing and once in a while gets a friend to take a look at the basics of the swing. Well, as technology continues to advance and give us ways to improve our games, I have decided to take an inside look at all that will advance my game…to my next level.

And so I received the APP and downloaded it on my phone about 3 weeks ago. There are some reviews I like to take time on to be sure I give it the Kate Hughes once over. Hey, I have to really believe in something to give it the thumbs up…and guess what…Zeroline’s Golf MTRx APP definitely got the thumbs up.

Golf MTRx Start Page
Golf MTRx Start Page

Behind the Scenes of the GOLF MTRx APP

When we think about our swings, most of us focus on the arms because that is what is holding the club and we can buy into the thoughts that this is where the power is generated. In reality, most of the power comes from our lower body and specifically our pelvis region. Without fine tuning this area, we will have flaws and lose valuable power through our swing.

This is where the GOLF MTRx APP comes in as the only mobile technology that zeros in on one of the most important areas and identifies any weaknesses while giving the player drills to improve and address the inconsistencies, therefore, giving the player more confidence and a more efficient swing…that equals power. Who doesn’t want more power.

Golf MTRx Kinematic Sequence--Where the Power comes from
Golf MTRx Kinematic Sequence–Where the Power comes from in the Swing

Why the pelvis and why have mobile technology focus here? Because when you really think about it, the pelvis is the first part of your body to ‘fire’ toward the target to generate the power behind your swing. If you don’t turn correctly, you will lose power and therefore distance and accuracy.

Allow me to be personal here—while I was on tour, I was hooked up to every ‘biomechanical information seeking ball’ for research purposes on where the power is emitted. Yes, way back in my day they all wanted to know where my power came from—thus the nickname ‘BamBam’. I was too young to understand that I was on the brink of helping those ‘research nerds’ isolate where a golfer’s true power explodes.  

Back to MTRx and the APP that will allow you to fine tune and isolate your core and power source. With an easy to use APP that can go with you anywhere, you will discover your areas for improvement and find yourself playing better…I have. The APP focuses on your core power source—pelvis—while breaking down the key components of the movement generated by the pelvis and gives you the best and very specific solutions for better consistency and power. This is where we all need a little assistance and Zeroline’s MTRx APP gives usthe edge!

Just a Tuck and You are Ready to go
Tuck IPhone in your waistband and you are ready to go

Is it Easy to Use

Bottom line here is absolutely. When I take an interest in something, it had better be easy to use. These days we are all about ease of use and the Golf MTRx is just that.  Just think about it…you download the APP onto your IPhone or Ipod Touch, tuck it into your waistband (secure it between your belt and pants or I used it just tucked between my skin and shorts—making sure it is secure) and you are ready to go. No apparatus to hold it in place, no clips, no extra appendage…just you and your IPhone.

This is where you can really get the most out of your practice sessions. The Golf MTRx APP is best utilized when you are on the range and hitting several balls in a row. Once you are ready to hit,  tap the ‘record and analyze’ button, tap ‘start recording’, and tuck it into your waistband and start swinging away.  Once you are finished hitting a few balls, pull it out of your waistband and double click on the ‘stop recording’ icon—takes two taps so there is never an issue with accidentally hitting the stop button while swinging.

What I did notice, once I actually turned the volume on (I needed to wait until the players around me had stepped away from the range, I heard a ‘beep’ after each swing. I realized it was telling me it has a successful record of that swing—excellent feature!

One thing to note is that it is pretty darn good at detecting a swing vs. any random movements, but one session I found I hadn’t secured it well enough and the data was a bit off. However, it was just an oversight by me and easily corrected because it made sense…besides, I so didn’t want my IPhone launching down the range with my awesome new found power, so securing it was a priority.

Detailed Feedback (image by parbreakers)
Detailed Feedback (image by parbreakers)

What does the MTRx Give You

Instant feedback! Plain and simple. You get what we all strive for—instant gratification in detailed and accurate feedback on each swing.

‘The swing recognition algorithm uses the motion sensor to obtain 3-axis motion data. The clock times the components of the swing. The microphone detects the impact sound of the club hitting the ball. MTRx plays a “ding” sound when each swing is recorded.’

The APP senses the motion of your backswing because you start at ‘still’ and begins taking in the data throughout the entire swing until impact. It will sense turn speed, acceleration during backswing and the acceleration of the downswing. Pretty great, eh?!

It also keeps tabs on your core area ‘hips-pelvis’ and records its position. Once you have finished the swing, you are fairly still—well we should be—and that swing is complete and the data is stored.

After you have completed your swings and stopped the recording you will see exactly how each shot faired. Detailed and quality feedback is gathered on each swing. Then it is time to take a look and the MTRx APP will break it all down for you in easy to reach and decipher formats. You will see where you need improvement by the drills the APP will give you based upon the data it has taken from your swing session. Hey, this is way better that a caddie that talks back!

Golf MTRx Numbers
Golf MTRx Numbers

You can even rate a swing. For example, if you feel you struck the ball exceptionally well, it will allow you to record that swing as 4 star best ball contact swing. On the contrary if you feel it was one of your worst ball impact moments, you can record a 1 star = worst contact.

Bottom line is you will receive all the information you need to better your game and your score. Once you download the APP, take a moment to check it all out just a few minutes before you start hitting. Won’t take you long I promise.

Final Thoughts

I went into the review with a bit of skepticism and came out a true believer. I totally see where I am missing in power and will am currently applying the drills to rectify my weakness.

Technology continues to evolve and so must we. I love my Zeroline MTRx APP and it is now part of my daily practice routine to be sure I am harnessing and releasing the power from my core to the ball and beyond. I see lots of red numbers in my future!

Let me reiterate the reason this APP is crucial to your overall success: The Pelvis is your core power source and you need to discover if you are utilizing it at its best. Without the power of your pelvis, you will be missing out on the power, consistency and efficiency in your swing. The pelvis and gathering the data like the Golf MTRx APP does is a vital part of your overall success and in meeting your golfing goals.

I can’t live without my Zeroline Golf MTRx APP…can you? I think not.

Zeroline’s Golf MTRx APP gets a Bunkers Paradise Eagle Rating



‘keep smiling and always believe’

Written by BP Staff


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