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New Cobra Golf Tour Trusty Wedge Review – Snake Bitten

In 1973 club designer and former Australian Amateur golf champ Thomas Crow started a small golf company and named it Cobra Golf.  Since that time, Cobra Golf has become a household name and one of the top club makers on the market. In 1998, Twenty Five (25) years after Cobra Golf was founded, short game guru Phil Rogers created the Trusty Rusty Wedges for Cobra.  They were soft, unplated carbon steel and featured a tri-bounce sole with a distinct scallop in the back of the flange.

Since 1998, many golfers have fallen in love with the Trusty Rusty wedges and look forward to the new and innovative designs that Cobra Golf brings to the table with each new version of the Trusty Wedges.



Cobra Golf has two different looks of the Tour Trusty, the first is the Tour Matte Satin, which you see above or the Tour Matte Black PVD finish, which both are made of Cast 8620 Carbon Steel.  I’m a big fan of black finish on golf clubs, it just seems to suite my eyes.  But in this particular case I fell in love with the Satin finish.  Not too shiny as to cause problems while standing over your ball on a sunny day and not too dull to look like a cheap club.

The new Tour Trusty also comes with Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Whiteout grips, which I find very attractive and extremely effective, which I will touch on in a minute.

The non-offset compact shaping gives excellent alignment at address and the groove edges and volume have been maximized to the USGA allowable limit.

I won’t tell you here that they are the most impressive looking wedges on the market, but they do look good.  But don’t forget that looks aren’t truly what makes a golf club good.

Looks Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


So we touched on what the club looks like, now for how it feels in your hands.  When the Tour Trusty wedges arrived at the Bunkers Paradise Testing Center, I opened up the package and first was impressed with the grips.  If you have not tried or felt the Golf Pride MultiCompound grips, you are missing out.  These grips make you want to leave your gloves in the bag.  They are tacky, sticky but yet have amazing feel to them without any slipping.  As you can tell I am a big fan of these grips.

The Tour Trusty Wedges have an amazing soft feel to them at impact with very little sound.  The golf balls almost melt into the golf club, then release with a nice soft touch.  With the clubhead size you might think there could be weight issues but there really is nothing to worry about.  The weighting on the Trusty Rusty Wedges are great.  The head isn’t too heavy and feel all the way through the swing was excellent.

Feel Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars



Did I mention before that the ball melts into the clubface on the Trusty Rusty Wedges?  I think I did and I wasn’t joking.  These wedges were chewing up range balls and spitting them out onto the range floor.  Cobra had these made with Variable Feed Rate milling, which consists of two depths, which create some great spin and bite.

A big change that really stuck out to me was that Cobra golf doubled the amount of surface roughness from the Trusty Rusty wedges and added wider grooves, which I believe is the reason for so much spin coming off the club.  This is perfect for me since I rely on my short game as I am not a long hitter.  The Tour Trusty also has a straighter leading edge and their K-Grind shape.

Cobra Golf sent us three of the Tour Trusty Wedges to test, a 52, 56 and 60 degree.  I hit all three of these clubs numerous times and the one thing I noticed the most was how soft each club was and the consistency in distance.   Even on mis-hits high off the face of the club, I was getting good solid distance and balls were flying straight.  I have noticed with some other brands, especially with wedges, if you mis-hit anywhere near the toe your ball will lose a lot of distance.  Not with the Trusty Rusty Wedges.

Performance Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

photo (45)

 Final Thoughts:

Cobra Golf has come out with another outstanding product for Cobra fans to drool over.  The Tour Trusty Wedges are no joke and any golfer, from the PGA Tour to the brand new golfer will benefit from these wedges.  With an amazing softness, touch and some crazy spin, I would recommend the Cobra Golf Tour Trusty Wedges to anyone.  I truly believe they are a top 5 in wedges for this year.

The Tour Trusty (MAP $119) will be available in 11 loft/bounce options in both right and left handed models (48.08°, 50.08°, 52.08°, 54.10°, 56.12°, 56.08°, 58.08°, 60.10°, 60.06°, 62.08° and 64.08°).

Bunkers Paradise Overall Rating:


Written by BP Staff


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  1. How do they compare to the Cleveland RTX 588? I’m a Cobra fan and use all clubs through GW, but use Cleveland for wedges 52 and 56 degrees. What does Cobra’s bring to the table that I can ditch Cleveland and go all in with Cobra clubs? (now they need a putter)

  2. Hi Glenn, I have hit both the RTX 588 and these. To be honest, the RTX is my favorite wedge right now. The difference being the the cavity back RTX plays almost exactly the same as the Tour Trusty, where the forged RTX are not quite as soft as the Tour Trusty. So if you have the Cavity back RTX it’s basically the same club as these.

    Good luck out there and Go Low!

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