ClubCrown A Big Hit At U.S. Kids World Golf Championship At Pinehurst Resort

New York, NY – On Tuesday July 30th and Wednesday July 31st, ClubCrown was present at the U.S. Kids World Golf Championship at Pinehurst Resort selling ClubCrowns and donating a portion of the proceeds to U.S. Kids Golf.  1,300 of the best 6-12 year olds from all over the world competed in a three day tournament segregated by age group.  ClubCrown debuted their product to the kids market at this event with incredible success.

“We sold and installed over 250 units in only 2 days”, said Andrew Glaser, CEO and founder of ClubCrown.  “The buzz was incredible and our partners at U.S. Kids Golf and Pinehurst were incredibly supportive.  We look forward to continuing to bring ClubCrown to kids all over the country and the world with presence at tournaments, outings and clinics.”


“The response to the ClubCrown product was unbelievable”, said Jeff Crabbe, Head Professional of Pinehurst Resorts. “Kids were lined up waiting to have their ClubCrown’s installed.  We saw many kids get their entire set done and when their friends saw it, their friends all wanted them as well.  I’ve never seen a product go viral like this and we are thrilled to be carrying and installing ClubCrown in the Pinehurst pro shop.”


About ClubCrown by VIVE

ClubCrown manufactures high-tech films that are professionally installed on the crowns of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. The New York-based company teaches retailers its patented 10-minute installation process. Consumers bring their clubs to ClubCrown’s retail partners, to have the product installed. The films are available in hundreds of designs, colors, patterns, universities and logos. ClubCrowns are extremely durable and are highly resistant to bubbles, ripples and peeling. They add roughly one swing weight and are removable. Plus, they conform with USGA rules and conform to the Rules of Golf.

ClubCrown officially launched its product at Roger Dunn Santa Ana in July of 2012. The product is now being rolled out across the U.S. and internationally.


All designs are available at

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