Golf Putter Grip Review: PalmBird Putter Grip

How was the PalmBird Putter Grip Created?

Phillip Jaffe is an avid golfer and an active Class “A” PGA Professional. The main driving force in his entire life was golf and it drove him in so many directions. One day, while he was simply out in his yard pruning the beautiful giant Bird of Paradise plant, he was hit by the’ inspirational brick’. He felt the oblong shape of the stalk in the “Palm” of his hand and the wheels started spinning in his head.

Creator of The PalmBird Putter Grip, Phillp A. Jaffe--Class 'A' PGA Professional
Creator of The PalmBird Putter Grip, Phillp A. Jaffe–Class ‘A’ PGA Professional

All of a sudden, he found himself (with his wife looking on from a window in their home) practicing his putting stroke with the stalk of the “Bird” of Paradise. He was excited inside because the stalk just molded into his hands allowing him to feel a very fluid putting motion. It was the ‘ah ha moment’. He called his wife outside to relish in the moment that would change his life, the lives of other golfers and make putting fun again.

As you can imagine the grip took on the name simply by a day, like any other, trimming the ‘Bird’ of Paradise stalk and finding the fluid stroke of it in the ‘Palm’ of his hand while practicing his putting stroke.

Phillip Jaffe is an established Class “A” PGA Professional who knew that he was onto something that could help many golfers gain the confidence in their flat blade by simply having something in their hands that feels good and natural.

The Key Elements Behind the PalmBird Golf Grip design and My Take

LPGA Pro Kate Hughes at address with PalmBird Putter Grip
LPGA Pro Kate Hughes at address with PalmBird Putter Grip

While holding the shaft of the Bird of Paradise plant, Jaffe noticed a flat surface in the front that made if feel like one could be in control of the flat stick. Thus, one of the key elements of the Palm Bird design is the elimination of the flat surface most putter grips have on the front and replace it with a contour that fits into the natural groove of your palms.

PalmBird Putter Grip created to fit in grooves of your hands
PalmBird Putter Grip created to fit in grooves of your hands

Make sense? Think about all the putter grips you have used and those found online and in golf shops…most have a flat surface on the front (top) and if one changes that surface and takes away the fingers and thumbs pressure on the grip and sends it to the palms of the hands, you are more one with the putter and the stroke. This is one of the things I found immediately.

I am a firm believer and coach that putting should always come from the shoulders in a more pendulum motion utilizing the triangle you have created (shoulder line—left arm line—right arm line) and placing the grip pressure more into your palms than your  fingers and thumbs allows this motion to occur more consistently and naturally.

LPGA Pro’s Overall Thoughts on the PalmBird Putter Grip

I had my buddies at the club put the grips on two of my putters: one two-ball face balanced and one more traditional putter blade to really give the grip a good solid run for its money and review.

After playing 4 rounds with the PalmBird Grip Putter myself and allowing my dad to play a round with it, I am happy to report that we both found the PalmBird Grip allowed for a more fluid stroke. My dad took to it a bit quicker that I, but after a round and some practice putting for me, I was able to drill down my long putts that gave me the initial problem.

The grip is unique no matter how you look at it and a uniqueness that should be tried by all serious golfers looking to improve their putting stats. I felt a real fluidity in the backstroke taking it back as one and taking my ‘flippy’ hands out of the equation. I also saw a real difference in holding the line through the stroke as I was effortlessly using my shoulders to move the putter and my hands had decreased their tension (and/or death grip) on the putter.

Mr. Hughes Takes Dead Aim with PalmBird Putter Grip...and Cans the Putt!
Mr. Hughes Takes Dead Aim with PalmBird Putter Grip…and Cans the Putt!

My dad said immediately, “It’s wider but tapers perfectly into the natural groove of my hands. I don’t feel like I am holding a tree trunk like some of those other large putter grips everyone is pushing. I get no feel at all with those, but this putter grip gives me the control I have been missing for years.” My dad is 84 and can only play a couple times a week and he immediately asked if he could have the grip…why…he only had 13 putts in 9 holes!

For me, a scratch golfer, I see the potential with this grip as I putted very well during my 4 rounds. Like I mentioned, it did take me a little time getting used to the long putts, but I was dead on with any putt inside 6 feet and had more confidence with putts inside 20 feet—hey, I love to make birdies!

Final Thoughts

The PalmBird Putter Grip is simply a new way to improve your confidence on the flat surface and reduce the tension in the small muscles of the fingers and thumbs and utilizing the larger muscles (shoulder and palms) to create a more consistent and fluid stroke.

I see this putter as one that is capable of helping all golfers of all levels reach their goals on the green—scratch, high index golfers, men, women, juniors and our seasoned players.

Kate Gives PalmBird Putter a Bunkers Paradise 'Birdie' Rating
Kate Gives PalmBird Putter a Bunkers Paradise ‘Birdie’ Rating


As Phillip Jaffe puts it perfectly, “Plant One In Your Hands Today and Feel the Difference”


I give this putter a Bunkers Paradise Rating of ‘BIRDIE’

‘keep smiling and always believe’




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