Golf News: Golfer Falls Into Fairway Sinkhole at Annbriar Golf Course

Mark Mihal was playing some golf at the Annbriar Golf Course in Illinois with three friends.  Mihal had gone to check the distance for his partner when he suddenly disappeared.  Mihal fell into an 18 feet deep and 10 feet wide sinkhole.

“I noticed this anomaly in the fairway and went to have a look but, by the time I took one step, I was gone, I was underground,” Mr Mihal said after. “I felt the ground start to collapse and it happened so fast that I couldn’t do anything,”

“I reached for the ground as I was going down and it gave way, too. It seemed like I was falling for a long time. The real scary part was I didn’t know when I would hit bottom and what I would land on.”

He landed on the mud floor hard, dislocating his shoulder. After hearing his moans, the other members of the group attempted to rescue him.



What really is unfortunate about this story is that Mihal suffers from claustrophobia and when the ladder was not long enough, he began to panic.  Fortunately one of his foursome partners, Ed Magaletta, went down to rescue him.  (Apparently the others were losing their money to Mihal).  All joking aside, Magaletta made a sling with his sweatshirt for Mihal who dislocated his shoulder in the fall.

Magaletta was able to get Mihal out and rescue him from the sinkhole.  Mihal, who is a regular at the Annbriar course, said he would be back to play more golf but also mentioned that he wouldn’t be comfortable playing that hole again.  I don’t blame the poor guy.

So what do we learn from this? If you are losing a match to a buddy, don’t send him over to the deep sinkhole just so you can win.

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