Callaway X-Hot Irons Review: Quick Look Review

In this weeks Quick Look Review, we take a look at the Callaway X-Hot Irons.  The X-Hot series from Callaway has caught an enormous amount attention in the golf world and there is a good reason for that.  But before we get into our review of the Callaway X-Hot irons, let’s check out some of the technology behind them.  The follow comes directly from the Callaway Golf website.


We took our industry leading deep undercut cavity and used it to create our longest iron ever. The deeper cavity is designed for higher ball speeds over a bigger part of the face.


The Speed Frame Face maximizes ball speeds all across the face for longer, more consistent distance. Technology borrowed from our drivers has actually been applied to these irons to produce the higher ball speeds and explosive distance that you’re looking for.


This technology fine tunes sound while also providing crisp, dynamic feel and playability.



Now that you have seen what Callaway says they did to make this years “Hottest” irons, let’s break it down for the average golfer like us.  The large, think face is designed to boost ball speeds, the center of gravity was kept low to produce a high launch angle and in turn you hit the ball further and more accuratly.  Callaway claims more distance than all the other clubs out there, so is it true?  Well I can tell you that the ball flight is great from the X-Hot irons and it does pack a punch in the distance category.  I wouldn’t really say that it’s blowing away the competition but they are right there on the top tier of irons as far as distance is concerned.

When people think of game improvement irons, a lot of people think of a club that will send your ball high into the air, ballooning and causing distance loss and in some cases they would be correct.  But the Callaway X-Hot irons are actually decent when it comes to ball flight.  It will help those struggling to get their balls off the ground and into a good flight pattern without sending it to the moon and back.

What might be an issue for some is the weight of the clubs.  Some like to feel their club through the swing and Callaway Golf’s new lightweight steel shafts might not be what better players are looking for.

The best part about the Callaway X-Hot Irons is the accuracy and forgiveness.  These clubs are beasts when it comes to keeping your ball flight straight.  Even when you hit one thin, the ball seemed to fly straight and not lose much distance.

Recommended For:

Players who need help keeping their ball flight straight and long.  Probably not the best choice for more skilled players looking to move their balls around the course like Bubba Watson.

Bunkers Paradise Rating:






Written by BP Staff


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