Funny Golf Commercials: Tiger Woods While We’re Young

This weeks funny golf commercial comes from Tiger Woods version of the USGA’s “While We’re Young” series.  Although Tiger is seen as very serious on the course, it seems that we always see his lighter side in commercials.  This one is pretty funny.  It just seems fitting that we saw guys waiting 20 minutes on the tee box at Merion last weekend.  I’m sure golfers everywhere have played with the guy that takes 8 practice swings and then shanks it in the woods. Or looks over a double-bogey putt like he is on 18 and putting for the win at the Masters.  Hopefully golfers will take heed to the commercial and pick up the pace.  Just don’t look to the pros to lead the way.  Until next time, “play ready golf”.



Bunkers Paradise 

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