Golf Grip Training Aid Review: Get the Perfect Golf Grip

As the newest member of the Bunkers Paradise family, I hope you’ll allow me a baseball analogy in this otherwise golf only site.  This thing is a home run.  A grand slam if you want.  When TREED designed the golf-grip training aid, they introduced something simple, universally adaptable and most importantly for us golfing types – something that works.  That’s right.  You didn’t mis-read that.  An affordable, simple to use golf training aid that WORKS.


When our Editor In Chief sent this over to me to try out, I immediately though,”uh-oh,” as this thing looks similar to the grip on those out of date, huge, bulky grip trainer clubs.  You know the ones – funky looking grip, outdated iron head-shape and all.  But as soon as I got it out of the package (which wasn’t that difficult, even for me) it all made sense.  I immediately grabbed a lob wedge, slid the trainer onto the grip – MY grip that I like to use – made sure the little line on the grip lined up with the little line on the training aid and adjusted it for height a little bit.  The second I gripped the club, it felt right.  The most important thing to remember about this little beauty is that you use it with YOUR clubs.  That feel right for YOU.  You don’t have to swing a Momentus or other style training club, then hope the feel transfers to your set.



After a few pitch shots, it felt great.  After a few full swings, I was sold.  I worked my way up through the bag on the range and had a consistent, reliable grip immediately every single time.  When I went back to hitting shots without it, even after only a few dozen swings with it on, I felt better.  The most amazing thing to me about it is how easy it is to use and what it really shows you how to do.

I went to a few random golfers on the range and asked them what they thought:

A low handicapper said it was great.  He actually plans on buying one.

A high handicapper looked at me a little surprised and asked me if that was what the golf grip was really supposed to feel like.  After a quiet chuckle to myself I said yes it is, and the look in his eyes when he hit his first shot with it on was priceless.  He, too, plans on buying one.  The results were immediate for him.  IMMEDIATE.


Bottom line, these guys got it right.  I have the golf-grip in my bag and it’s staying there.  I start every range session with it.  Just a nice little muscle memory reminder to start my day on the range and in my opinion, the best $22 you can spend on your game for a short term fix and long term improvement.


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For more information on the Golf-Grip and for purchases, head over their website HERE

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