PGA News: Jeff Overton Disqualified in Middle of Third Round of Crowne Plaza Invitational

PGA NEWS-Crowne Plaza Invitational-Jeff Overton Disqualified In Middle of Third Round

By Ron Mintz

Jeff Overton was disqualified Saturday after violating rule 14-3/10.3 for using an alignment device during his round.
Overton was waiting to tee off on the 10th hole. While he was waiting, Overton went over to the nearby practice green to practice a few putts.

Players are allowed to practice on a nearby green in this situation but cannot use a training or putting aid during a round.
Mark Russell, PGA TOUR vice president of rules and competition said:

“It’s a shame but it’s the rules,”  “Not much we can do about it. We don’t like to disqualify players but if that’s what the rule says, we don’t have a choice.” “You can go to a designated practice area and chip and putt if you’d like while you are waiting to play,but you cannot use an artificial device. That’s what he did.”

When asked how Overton took the news, Russell said,

“not too good,but that is to be expected. “

Below are tweets from Overton after being disqualified.





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