PGA News: Padraig Harrington Shoots 80 with Belly Putter at Wells Fargo Championship

When most of the PGA Tour is trying to move away from belly putters because they know the ban is coming, Padraig Harrington decided to put a belly putter in his bag for the Wells Fargo Championship today.

After posting the worst score of anyone with a score of 80, I think Paddy might be thinking twice about using it again.  The intriguing part of Harrington using the belly putter is the fact that he has come out in the past to say he does not support belly putters.

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Here is a past quote from Padraig about belly putters.

“I don’t support the belly putter. I think it’s bad for the game of golf.”

From a post round interview, Harrington discussed why he decided to go with the belly putter.  He mentioned the fact that it won’t be banned until 2016 and he believes he is in his prime right now to win multiple majors.  I don’t know if Padraig can win multiple majors, but I can’t argue with a guy who feels this will help his game while he is still in the prime of his career.

I personally am not a big fan of belly putters and that mostly is because I can’t use one to save my life, but while it’s legal, it’s legal.  Good luck Padraig, let’s just hope you can shoot better that 80 or you might not be winning tournaments period, let alone majors.

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Written by BP Staff

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