Golf Ball Review: I Need The Ball Review

Join the Club—The ‘Snake Ball’ Club

Where did ‘I Need The Ball’ come from?

Well, the answer is very easy. Three High School Buddies who love the game of golf but were tired of not getting the best from the golf balls they were using decided to utilize their noggins and bring something new and innovative to the golfing world!!

They kept the concept simple in terms of what they wanted to achieve—blow the golf ball by your friends when you tee it up and get them to become seriously jealous of you and your new supersonic ball…one that you can control and get in the hole with fewer strokes that all your playing partners.

What makes ‘I Need The Ball’ Unique and New to the Golf World?

I need the Ball 3

It is the only 3-piece ball that has a tungsten core. 318 dimples (Yes, I counted each and every one).

The Cutaway of the ball: Cast Urethane for the Cover; Multi-blend Ionomer mantle (next layer); Tungsten core. So there is the difference. It is a High-Performance ball that gives you the core of maximum distance.

All these together bring a very unique ball to the market to challenge all others.

How did ‘I Need The Ball’ do with the Kate Hughes Challenge

As a former LPGA tour Player and a scratch golfer, I think I have a pretty good feel when it comes to golf balls and how they perform. I have hit many a different golf ball in my day and some have been hit only a few times and they are sent away; then there are some that have such a different feel that you just want to keep playing with them and see what the ball can really do.

This golf ball is the latter and it really intrigued me. Now, I do not make golf balls, I only hit them and look for a ball that has distance (control with the distance) and supreme spin control from 125 yards and in. Of course, right around the green, I look to have a ball I can spin a lot and if I want just a little.

‘I Need the Ball’ allowed me to gain some extra yards off the tee with total control and also hit the green with some serious action!!

As I have mentioned before, control around the greens and from 125 yards and in is a huge sell for me, loving a golf ball and putting it into play. ‘I Need The Ball’ really does some great stuff off the tee and around the greens. I loved the way I could control the spin around the greens. I could throw up a ‘Freddie Couples’ flop shot and land it dead on a dime. That tells me this ball has some serious staying power and can compete with any golf ball on the market.

In addition, I am a stickler when it comes to flight and ‘carry ability’. I took the ball out on the course a few times and it was very consistent with its ‘carry’ with each of my clubs. That says to me that the designers thought it all out to be sure that ball has lasting power on the course and continues to maintain the same carry from the first tee to the last and beyond (well…unless you inadvertently hit the ball astray into the middle of a lake…then you may need to pull another ‘I Need The Ball’ out and call for a lesson!! 🙂 ).

Final Thoughts

Overall, this ball is fantastic from the first tee into the hole on 18. I shot a solid 1-over par the first time I played with it. This is a keeper and one that you should take a look at. Everyone is different with what kind of ball makes them feel confident and I am no exception. However, ‘I Need the Ball’ is a golf ball for you to try and ‘Join the Club’!!

What is an additional bonus–the snake logo on the golf ball!! I love it and it intimidates my opponents!! They are like…”Whaaaat???” And I am like, “Stand back before you get bit!!!”

Give ‘I Need the Ball’ a try and I know you will not be disappointed…I certainly was impressed!!

I give the I Need the Ball golf ball a Bunkers Paradise score of “Eagle”



‘keep smiling and always believe’

Written by BP Staff

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