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The Bionic Aqua Grip glove is an extremely unique glove.  Who has been on the course on those early morning dawn patrol rounds when there is dew covering the course?  I know I have, because that is generally when I have time to hit the course.  There is nothing worse then laying down your club after going pin seeking, coming back and having your grips all wet.  You pick up your club and dry it off as best as you can with your towel but it doesn’t seem to completely dry.  You walk over to your next hole, now with a slightly slippery grip and wet glove and walk up to the tee.  You head into your backswing, come down and …. whoops, your hand slightly slips on the club and there goes a ball into the water hazard.


Well Bionic has come up with the AquaGrip golf glove to save you from such a disaster.  Below is a straight from the Bionic website so you can see how they have done it.


    Suede microfiber material that becomes tackier when wet to reduce club slippage. Unique suede microfiber material is more durable than a traditional leather glove.


    Patented pad system evens out the surface of your hand for a lighter, more secure grip. Double row finger grip system promotes a lighter, more stable grip


    Lycra motion and web zones provide better range of motion and a more comfortable fit. Patented pre-rotated finger design complements natural closure of the hand and reduces fatigue.


    Strategically placed pad system provides increased durability in areas prone to wear and tear.


Performance: I live in Southern California and am lucky that I generally get great golfing weather all year round.  However there are those misty morning when everything is getting wet and this glove can really come in handy.  I was not able to take the round out on a rainy day since we didn’t have any rain lately, but I was able to take it out on several occasions on damp mornings.  I purposely would rub the glove on the wet grass then head up to the tee to see how the AquaGrip glove would actually work.  I have to admit that I thought there was no way it would work, especially how well it did.  The suede fiber did it exactly as it was intended.  Swing after swing I had no issues.  The pads inside the glove also helped with the gripping of the club.  So with the pads and the suede fiber, I had no issues with slippage.

bionic aquagrip glove

The only thing I wasn’t the biggest fan of with the AquaGrip glove was once it got wet, you did lose a little bit of the flexibility that was there prior.  It wasn’t so much to make me want to take the glove off, because the added grip outweighed the flexibility issue.  Also the web technology around the knuckles really helped as well.


Overall:  I have to say I was very impressed with the technology of the AquaGrip glove by Bionic.  It is a comfortable glove with decent flexibility that allows a stable grip.  Once it gets wet, the grip actually gets better.  So this would be a glove I would suggest that everyone carried in their bags in case that unexpected storm rolls through and you want to finish your round with confidence.

I give the the Bionic AquaGrip Golf Glove a Bunkers Paradise score of “Birdie” because of the uniqueness and great technology.

Bunkers Paradise Rating:









For more information on the Bionic AquaGrip Golf Glove, head over to their website here.

Written by BP Staff

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