LPGA Golf News: Michelle Wie Makes a move toward the top


LPGA Kraft Nabisco Championship Heads to Round Three

The stakes are high and the wind is higher as the 3rd round of the 2013 LPGA Kraft Nabisco Championship gets underway in round 3! And the top of the Leaderboard is bunched to start the day, but I have a feeling that the winds will create a big spread as the day wears on.

A fan favorite is making some noise as she is one of the many at the top–Michelle Wie. Some of the chatter is her obviously different and new style of putting. Some are giving it a name–‘tabletopping’; some are saying she is in a great position with eyes over the ball and executing a solid repetitive stoke and then others are just ‘jaw dropped’ with the new style of putting.

Regardless of what your thoughts may be, she is starting her third round T12 at -2 and looks to be in a great position for move day. Personally, I hope she continues in a positive direction and plays a great weekend. She certainly is trying everything to get that form back inside and out. Watching her play a few holes yesterday I could see a deeper focus and less fear. Is she back?? Only time will tell, but let’s give her a little break on the putting. We can pull many a golfer from the past and ask ‘how is the world can he/she make impact?’ and yet some of those players are in the Hall of Fame!!

Let’s switch gears an take a look at Ms. Wie’s interview post round 2 heading into the weekend:

Michelle Wie Interview April 5, 2013 Post round 2

Q.  Making a lot of birdies?

MICHELLE WIE:  For sure, I made a lot of great birdies.  I would have to say the front nine ‑‑ well, actually the whole round was pretty interesting in general.  I hit some interesting shots around the trees, but just going out there and having fun, like I said yesterday, going out there and not taking anything for granted and being excited that I’m actually here and using that mind‑set today and I just felt it.

Q.  Did you have an embedded ball on the first hole?

MICHELLE WIE:  Oh my God, I have never had anything like that in my entire life.  The edge ‑‑ and it was literally sloped 80 degrees, 70 degrees, and I got to it and I was like, where is my ball and I thought it was going to roll back and Duncan was like, “It’s right there,” and I saw a centimeter of the ball.

So I had to take it out, identify it and then create the same exact lie, and I was looking at the rule official like, “Why am I doing this again?  Why am I covering this up?”  He was like, “Cover it up more,” and I was like, “Okay.”  But I got it out thankfully, but never had anything like that happen.


Q.  Talk about the up and down at nine when you had to call for the ruling and it just seemed like when you walked off that green you felt good about walking away with par.

MICHELLE WIE:  I hooked one good.  I hooked my 5‑iron into the tree, and I hooked that well, bounced over the bunker, never hit it into the scoring tent before, that was interesting but overall afterwards it was like, that was a good 5.  I’ll take it.


Q.  Do you have any ‑‑ obviously you have memories around here.  Are there specific holes to where you think back to a great moment from your youth?

  MICHELLE WIE:  From my youth!  You know, there is a lot of them, really.  I think just really when I ‑‑ well, most memorable one, I don’t know if it’s good or not but the most memorable, I was leading at one point on 14 or 15 and I hear a big roar and I’m like, what just happened and Karrie pulled it out on the last hole, and that’s the most memorable.  I don’t know if it’s good or not, but a lot of great memories here.

I played some of my best golf here so I’m excited.


Q.  What about the Women’s Open in Sebonack?  Have you played there before?

MICHELLE WIE:  I have not.  The owner at Sebonack is a member at my golf club.  I talked to him a lot, trying to get inside tips, and I’m excited, heard a lot of good things about it, never been to the Hamptons before, seen a lot on TV, so excited.


Q.  What kind of tips is he giving you?

MICHELLE WIE:  Saying that it’s tricky, it’s pretty wide, which I was ecstatic to hear.


Q.  What’s name of the golf club?

MICHELLE WIE:  Bighorn Golf Club.


Q.  What will you work on?  Anything for tomorrow?

MICHELLE WIE:  Touch up for everything, touch base on everything, won’t spend too much time because I’ve been out here for a while.


Q.  Spent quite a bit of time with Lydia Ko the last month or two months.  You guys getting to know each other well and what do you think after two days here?

MICHELLE WIE:  She is amazing.  I think she’s pretty good and like I said yesterday, she is also a really good girl.

I think she is grounded, she has a good head on her shoulders and she is just really ‑‑ you know, she is enjoying herself out here.  I could tell she got a little frustrated today, but she made some great up and downs, but she is a solid player and a really good girl, too.


Final Thoughts:

I have always been someone to cheer for the underdog and this week  that underdog seems to be Ms. Wie. She has endured much flack about her game, commitment and things off the course. Remember, she is young and growing into a young lady and continuing to work hard to meet the expectations of all those around her. I hope she looks inside and sees that the only person she needs to make happy is herself. She is the only one that really matters and how she sees herself will be projected on the outside.

Michelle, go out this weekend and show yourself what you are made of!! That is all that I want for you and that is all that really matters at the end of the day.

By Kate Hughes

‘keep smiling and always believe’

Written by BP Staff

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