Review: SHHH! I’ve Got A Secret! Boccieri Golf Secret Grip Review

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Boccieri of Boccieri Golf several years ago at the PGA merchandise show. It was my first time hearing about his company and the “Heavy Putter”. Stephen is a great guy his knowledge and passion for his product comes out when he explains the concept behind “Heavy Weight”. He is the real deal! A mechanical engineer and 1 handicap Stephen can communicate the technical aspects into a language any golfer can understand.

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The Secret Grip was Boccieri Golf’s solution to back-weighting. While there were products on the market none of the offerings actually had the weight built directly into the grip.

Boccieri took a seventeen gram tungsten weight and built it into the butt of the grip bringing the total weight to ninety two grams, twice the weight of the average grip. It was debuted at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show and received quite a bit of praise by both golfers and industry insiders.

Jack Nicklaus is a staunch supporter of back-weighting and has actually teamed up with Boccieri Golf to help promote and praise the Secret Grip.

Claimed benefits:

• Better plane on takeaway
• Set hands more quickly
• Smoother transition
• Holds angle of retention longer
• Square face at impact
• Full extension through impact
• Balanced finish

My game has been in a state of repair since coming back from an unexplained shoulder injury. I don’t know maybe I reached for the remote too quick or over extended trying to grab a bag of chips. I went from a very solid striker of my irons to not compressing the ball and a lack of confidence. My range game is strong and despite the less than stellar contact I do find the center consistently with acceptable results with irons and have had no problem hitting woods.


The Secret Grip is definitely a well built grip they use a 40% heavier grip compound and seems to take a lot of its styling cues from the Golf Pride Tour Velvet. Thanks to the Multi-Directional Grip Pattern my hands felt very well connected with the club. I really like the build up under my right hand and will be using this more often when I regrip my other clubs. Even with the extra build every sized hand should feel comfortable using the Secret grip. There is no denying the weight difference between the Secret grip and other standard grip offerings, it’s substantial. Boccieri did a very good job of making sure the weight doesn’t affect the players grip. They have even added a little length to the grip for all different shots.


If you listen to both Stephen Boccieri and Jack Nicklaus they are not expecting people to claim huge distance gains, although some people due tend to increase ball speed from the added lag. So I told myself to not change anything about my swing and see what kind of influence the back-weighting would have. I decided to use my 7 iron, 3 wood, and Hybrid to test out the Secret Grip. After working my way through some wedges I started with the 7 iron first. The first few swings went pretty well contact felt a little better and my tempo seemed to be a bit slower than I normally see. To be honest I knew this going in to the review and did have some prior knowledge of why people sometimes back-weight their clubs. The dispersion slowly began to get tighter as my comfort level improved. I usually fight getting too handsy so it was really nice that if you let the Secret Grips weight work it will help pull the club into proper impact position. It will not magically fix a swing flaw, so you do have to make an effort. Now on to the not so good. My contact with both the 3 wood and Hybrid really suffered. I was hitting huge slice and even contact near the sweetspot lacked any solid feedback. Every attempt was made to slow down my tempo and even shorten my backswing to see if I was getting to over the top with my transition. A few of my playing partners tried my set up and were very impressed with the irons with only a couple liking the Hybrid or 3 wood. We did have someone that has been back-weighting his driver for years that swears by it so to each his own.


My opinion of both the Boccieri Secret Grip and back-weighting is a mixed bag. I could see myself using these exclusively on my irons. The immediate improvement of dispersion would be beneficial to my game along with slowed tempo really helped me concentrate on making solid contact. These will not make it on to my woods or wedges however. I am very happy with my Driver and 3 wood sans Secret Grip and for my wedges the extra weight to me seemed to really affect my short game, especially around the green.

If you have used other products on the market to back-weight your clubs and have seen an improvement in your game then the Secret Grips are a no brainer. The grip is very durable and considering that other products require you to either drill into your grip or add weight under the grip prior to install. You will definitely appreciate not having to worry about the weight coming out at any time or not positioning the weight correctly during install.

They are priced at $16.99 a grip. A lot of people might find the price steep but once you feel how well made these grips are I think you will get better wear than other offerings because of the 40% percent heavier compound.

Golfers looking for more consistency should definitely give these a try. I have been very happy with the results from my 7 iron.

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Thanks to Boccieri Golf for providing Bunkers Paradise with the Secret Grips. You can find their whole range of product here.

At the time of this review Boccieri Golf is offering a free Secret Grip while supplies last. Check this link for details.

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