Golf Review: Introducing the New App from Loud Mouth Golf


Loudmouth Golf APP—AWESOME!!

We are in a world of Smart Phones and everyone is trying to get into the market of APP’s. I personally have an IPhone and when Loud Mouth Golf reached out to Bunkers Paradise and me to do a golf review on  their newly developed and launched app; I thought why not and get it to me now!! I love to tinker around with apps and especially all the golf app’s …I give them the true once over. Let me share with you: If I don’t like an app in a very short amount of time, it is deleted immediately. I am a stickler for something that makes sense, is easy to use and improves some aspect of my life. It is that simple!!!!

When I was chosen to explore and review the new Loud Mouth App, I could barely contain my enthusiasm. I was so excited because the App was coming straight from Loud Mouth—Loud Mouth, you know the most awesome clothing company that doesn’t hold back on anything they market!!  They are ‘Loud’ and out there just the way I like it! I was hoping for next best thing since sliced bread…really…that is what I was looking for and that is exactly what I got!!


Let’s Review the Loudmouth Golf Team (this is a re-tee for those of you who did not read my article on the LoudMouth Women’s Golf Clothing Line…go read)

Scott ‘Woody’ Woodworth is the Founder and Chief Designer for Loudmouth. He graduated from Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design in 1982. He has been a successful freelance award-winning graphic designer for 20 years. In 2000, his enjoyment of golf and his unique sense of fashion crossed paths. When he couldn’t find any colorful clothing for golf, he started Loudmouth Golf with one pair of wild golf pants. Applying his background in graphic design to golf fashion, Woody has re-defined and single-handedly brought back the infamous golf fashion from the 1970s. Today Loudmouth Golf is recognized as the leading brand in outrageous, fun golf apparel for men. He claims he’s the best golfer on the LMG team.

Larry Jackson – CEO has over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley based telecommunications and networking equipment field in a variety of Sales & Marketing roles. During his time in the telecom equipment field he helped found three startup companies all of which went public on NASDAQ. Larry has lived and worked internationally in Tokyo and London while working for companies experiencing exponential sales growth and expansion and sees Loudmouth doing the same. Larry has golfed for business and pleasure around the world. An active investor in LoudMouth since January of 2007, he took on the role of full time CEO in 2008. He claims he’s the best golfer on the LMG team.

David Suzuki has spent most of his career in venture capital and has been an avid golfer since childhood. David has lived in Japan and travels extensively throughout Asia working closely with Silicon Valley start-ups. He also makes it a point to check out the local golf scene and has played most of the top courses in Japan, China, Korea and Southeast Asia. He has been actively involved with Loudmouth Golf and helps with international expansion and manufacturing. He claims he’s the best golfer on the LMG team.

Alan Wallace – Executive Vice President has 30 years experience in the men’s sportswear industry and with his love of golf; joining the LMG team is a perfect step (off the plank). Previously Alan has been instrumental in building sales divisions of Robert Bruce, Izod, Lacoste, and most recently at Perry Ellis International. Alan has created a national sales force for LMG as well as improved his golf game with his well balanced approach to the business and his backswing. Alan has enabled LMG to successfully bring their products to new markets including green grass, resorts, better men’s stores as well as the international arena. He has established relationships worldwide with key accounts and leveraged them to get LOUD results. He claims he’s the best golfer on the LMG team.

So there you have it…those that created and launched LoudMouth Golf!!!! Now it is time to check out the App!! Trust me after this read; you will all be downloading it!!

Loud Mouth Golf App



First of all, I just love the little ‘yelling golf ball’ app icon that sits on your IPhone screen!! It looks like a ball that has just been ‘spanked’ and is heading to the green with passion and determination!! The colors chosen scream out to use the app and check it out and it is totally in line with what LoudMouth (LM) is all about…Loud and showy!

Once you tap on the icon, you follow the directions to set it up and the look and pathway to do that leaves nothing but a stimulating visual throughout the process. It looks to me like bright flowers from the 60’s hanging in the background and the look keeps you totally engaged and at peace. When you are all set up, your name appears at the top along with your Face Book profile picture if you choose to pair the two and two boxes below: one you can tap on that is a hole flag to start a new round and the other square shows you your last round played with score and course. Very easy to the eyes to see and follow. Right in the middle of the ‘Home’ page is a running LM news line that will keep you in touch with LM news and anything they want you to see. Obviously, you can tell that they can do updates here to keep you informed. Love it!!

At the top left you will find three little lines that when pressed take you to a page with many choices of different activities/pages you can select: Play golf, scorecards, stats, golf group (FB), leader boards, LMG Pro Shop and more.

Each one you select has its own unique exploration feature. The best part really is when you choose one of the pages and touch it– like the play golf page, you find yourself looking at the easiest app page on the earth to follow with the most awesome creative icons.

For example, I’m looking now at Hole #1 at my home course and it has green and fairway icons (simple enough) down the middle of the page. In addition, the page has running down each side choices to select based upon the shot you hit. If I hit the fairway, I touch the fairway icon. If I hit a bunker, I tap the circle with a cute little ball resting in a bunker. If I misfire into the water, you have a choice to choose a ball splashing in the water. You get the idea: cool icons that define exactly what shot you hit and you can record it and they look awesome on each Hole page from the app.



There is also an outstanding stats selection and when chosen, it goes straight to a personalized page with your total earnings, world ranking, achievement section and your stats section. When you select and touch the stats icon, it takes you to a page that has the most ‘cool and awesome’ looking icons that breakdown your game. It informs you on how many birdies, holy ones (holes in one), Albatrosses (3 strokes under par) as well as putts per round, GIR and scrambling (all % of success). I love this part of the app so that I know what I need to work on and the look is wonderful and very pleasing to the eye!!


Overall, the look is spot on and I love the easy look in the front ground and the more colorful stimulating look in the back ground.  You just simply need to get the app and check it out for yourself. I cannot do justice with mere words how awesome it looks!!!



We at Bunkers Paradise like to keep to a simple format as we look at many different products and feel is one of those. The LoundMouth App feels great in my hand because it is right there inside my IPhone ready to use with a simple tap on the screen.

I want to take feel down a different road in this review. The feel for me is how I feel having this app as a part of my game day in and day out. I feel a sense of accomplishment every time I use the app as it gives me direct feedback on what I am doing in my game and what needs word. So all in all it makes me feel more confident knowing how to lower my scores and take my game to the next level

What is funny is that each little icon that LoudMouth chose to use as a symbol of some aspect of the game (Like a cool looking birdie blue bird with focused eyes of steel telling the world you just made birdie) makes you smile and feel just a little more sense of happiness on the course. Thanks LoudMouth!!



As with any product we look at from Bunkers Paradise, the look and feel can be amazing, but did the product perform to…well…to my expectations. Yes, it is back to me and how I take each product to the mat in a true fight to see if it is worth the public’s interest. And YES!!!…this LoudMouth App is so worth the price and it does way more that I every even anticipated it to do. And…it will continue to evolve with updates and a section that has ‘more’ as a choice.

I had the chance to speak to the CEO, Larry Jackson, to share my thoughts as a former LPGA Tour player and how I see this fitting into my daily golf routine. I was more than pleased. You see, on tour, we keep all these stats and sometimes it looks like a spreadsheet to launch a rocket to mars!! But now, you have a very very simple app that will give you all the information you need to improve your game and actually knowing what you need to work on.

I love love love the creativity and mind put behind the making of this app. I have look and downloaded many golf apps and have deleted just as many as I have downloaded. This one…this one will stay with me through time and I can’t wait for the world to get it and give it a go.

I promise you will not be disappointed and you will be telling all your friends. Hey, you can create your own Facebook Golf Group and see how you stack up…and you don’t even need to live near each other.

This is the best app out there for simplicity and a fun look. Well, what would you expect from LoudMouth…drab!?!?! I think not!!! And they delivered an outstanding app that performs perfectly in every way possible.

Congrats LoudMouth for making an app that is worth keeping as part of my golf life!!



Simple and sweet…Get this app and check it out…you will be amazed, pleased and impressed. You will also impress your friends and they will want it too!! GO GET IT NOW!!!

keep smiling and always believe’

Written by BP Staff

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