Golf Review: LoudMouth Golf Men’s Clothing

John Daly Loudmouth golfWhen most of us think about Loudmouth Golf, we think of players like John Daly and crazy fun golf pants.  So when we began talking with Loudmouth Golf about testing their clothing my expectations were about fun looking clothing, not necessarily about great feeling clothing.  To my surprise when they arrived, I was impressed with the quality and feel of their clothing.

Our PR Director/LPGA Pro Kate Hughes also was able to check out some of the female clothing and she was also impressed by Loudmouth’s clothing, which tells me it wasn’t just me being excited to be “Loud”, which I tend to be sometimes. In Kate’s article she talked about Loudmouth Golf and their team of great folks, so I won’t get into all of that now.  However, if you would like to learn more, click here to see Kate’s review.

So let’s get into the three keys to every Bunkers Paradise review, Looks, Feel and Performance.  What better place to start than with the Looks of Loudmouth Golf Clothing.



IMG_3555The name says it all….. LOUD!! Where Kate was a little nervous to head to the course with such unique clothing, I was complete opposite.  I love talking to new people and what better way to start a conversation than having people ask about my clothing?  Not only a conversation starter, but also a fun, fresh look.  The Loudmouth crew sent me over a blue, teal and black spotted pair of pants and black shirt to match (Photo).  Perfect pick for me because I love wearing blue and it goes with my beautiful blue eyes (wink). Sorry for that, but we like to have fun here at Bunkers Paradise.  Ok, let’s move on.  The great thing about Loudmouth Golf is that there are hundreds of different designs, patterns and ways to match their products.  So if you want super Loud, your covered, if you want something not so Loud, you will also find something.  With such a variety of different clothing, you will surely find something you like.  One other thing about Loudmouth that I love is how they have certain Holiday series clothing.  I love the St. Patrick’s Day shorts and skirts they have.

Looks Score: Extremely High (How can it not be?)


url-4Now here is where it get’s interesting.  Not only does Loudmouth have the most unique golf clothing on the market, they also have some of the best feeling clothing as well.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and feel of the clothing, especially the shirt they sent over.  The shirt was soft, looked good and I was able to swing freely with no restrictions.  Let’s be honest, it’s hard to find a bad feeling golf shirt these days, but some shirts shrink, fade or might not last.  I haven’t had the shirt long enough to know if the sun will wear out the color after time, but most shirts that contain basic cotton will fade after sometime.  When I test and review shirts, I like to wash them several times and see what happens to them after the process.  I like to see if the shirt will fray, fade, shrink or wrinkle easily.  The Loudmouth Golf shirt did none of them, which I love.  If I can wash a shirt and not have to worry about taking an iron to it before heading to the course, that is just an added plus.  The shirt also kept it’s shape and quality feel after several washes with no shrinkage.

Let’s talk about the pants for second.  The Loudmouth Golf pants were comfortable, however, I do have other pants that are a bit more comfortable.  The pants aren’t quite as free flowing as the shirts but still very nice.  I did notice that once I washed them, they loosened up a bit and felt great.  So I suggest running them through the wash before first wear.  Once I put the pants on, I wasn’t thinking about how they feel, but how excited I was to be sporting such great looking pants.  So when I got to the range for some warm ups before my round, I again was surprised about how good the pants felt once I began to swing.  They allowed me to move freely, which when it comes to pants is one of the most important things.  So besides having the “Loudest” pants on the course that day, I also had some of the most comfortable pants as well.

Feel Score: High


url-5Golf clothing is fun to test out and review.  Most people are looking at what they look and feel like, but what some people forget is how they perform.  After all, isn’t that what matters most?  I understand that looks and feel in a way have to do with performance when it comes to clothing and I touched on performance a little bit in the above paragraphs, but I wanted to talk about a couple other things.  Performance when it comes to golf clothing is really this…. feel, comfort and be able to move freely.  If you have a shirt that makes noise during your swing or is stiff, then you will have distractions.  Let’s face it, the less distractions the better.  With that said, I was interested if the “Loud” pants would be a distraction.  Here is your answer….. NO.  When standing over my ball ready to hit, I didn’t even notice the pants.  That’s not to say that everyone else golfing with me wasn’t looking.  To keep this simple, the Loudmouth Clothing is comfortable, fun, unique and performs as well as any other brand on the market.

Performance score: High


I had a great time on the range/course with the Loudmouth Golf clothing.  I was able to express my “Loud” self, while being able to wear comfortable golf clothing.  With numerous styles and looks, everyone will surely be able to find something they like to wear.  Go to the Loudmouth website and find what fun Loudmouth apparel you would want to sport out on the course.  The other fun thing is that Loudmouth now has this huge almost underground following.  There are groups on Facebook and the web that show off their unique styles.  So go get Loud and show off your style.

By Ken Lee



Written by BP Staff

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