Golf Review: LeviTee Golf Glove – Ease Your Death Grip



Written by Kate Hughes—LPGA Pro and Staff Writer for Bunkers Paradise

Ready for a new golf glove that will help you improve your overall game?? Thought that would get your attention!! This golf review on a golf glove that will help eliminate those sore forearms after a round of death gripping your clubs!

FST—Finger Separation Technology!! That is what LeviTee Golf Glove’s technology provides to the golfer in a patented design to reduce grip pressure. How many of us give the club a death grip at some point during the round if not the entire round!!! I know I am not alone in squeezing the heck out of the grip thinking this will truly make my shot that much better.

Let’s take it a step further. When you are set to play in a big event (club championship, US Amateur, weekend skins game or teeing it up with boss or customers), have you ever found yourself griping the club harder and harder?? The harder you grip the tighter your forearms and then the shoulders get all tight too!! LeviTee Golf Glove is designed to relieve you of the ‘death grip’!

LeviTee Golf Glove offers a great feel along with durability and it performs well in inclement weather situations. The glove will help provide help you achieve a better grip pressure and then can result in a more timed swing enhancing positive shot results.

Time to break it down a bit and see what I think of LeviTee Golf Glove; as I have said many times before, if a product can stand the test of Kate, then it is worth a look—I must also add that I have had carpal tunnel surgery to both hands and two other surgeries on each hand/wrist over the years and I am very particular on my glove of choice.

LeviTee 1








It goes without saying that I do like to look good on the course. Hey, you have to look good to play good! J

The look is simple and strong. I like the white, black and red design I received. The red makes me look down and think of getting in the ‘red’!! Love to birdie!! I was a little concerned about the ‘pillows’ that separate the fingers and that I may look funny gripping the club, but you can’t really tell at all and the ‘pillows’ actually help to make my grip a bit better—less strangling of the club!

The glove also has nice ‘breathing’ holes so during an intense day of golf in the heat; your hand can get some well needed air. The cabretta leather finishes the look with a material that keeps on looking like new.



levitee 3


LeviTee’s Golf Glove has provides a very comfortable glove to play in from the first tee until that last put drops. The Pads between the fingers actually feel quite comfortable.  When a product is sent to us at Bunkers Paradise, I try not to read too much about it so that I can give it a solid unbiased review. I put the glove on and was a little ‘shocked’ that first moment. I’m thinking to myself, “Self, how in the world am I going to be able to play will ‘pillows’ between my fingers?”

Well, I went out and nailed the first drive down the middle without even warming up!! I realized that the LeviTee Golf Glove designers had created a way for me to maintain a constant grip pressure throughout the swing and the round. I was very impressed with the comfort and how the tension melted from my hands. Not once did I feel uncomfortable with the pads between the fingers—I actually loved the idea and wished I had come up with it!!

levitee 5










The cabretta leather adds to a nice feeling glove that wraps around the hand as if you have a second skin. I have played multiple rounds with the glove and it still looks and feels like it is brand new and just an extension of my own hand.

THE FEEL SCORE: HIGH (at first) and VERY HIGH by the following rounds due to the pads and getting used to a better glove overall…one like you have never felt before


levitee 4


The LeviTee Golf Glove performs like no other glove I have even put on.  It did exactly what it states and proclaims it would do: it reduced the tension in my grip thus promoting a more relaxed and natural swing. Throughout the round, the glove allowed me to maintain an even grip pressure and held the clubs grip perfectly…no slipping.

My fingers were perfectly separated, really better that I could ever do with a different glove. The LeviTee Golf Glove put my fingers in a perfect position on the club and that is extremely important to me.

All in all the club actually felt better in my hands and gave me a real sense of true control of my swing and shot.



Having mentioned that I have had multiple surgeries in my hands, a good golf glove can really make a difference to me. I never realized that fatigue my hands would feel after a round with other gloves. The LeviTee Golf Glove gave my hands more energy and I was able to play multiple rounds always finishing strong with ‘rested’ hands.

Was I surprised? Yes!! I was totally surprised at how basic the glove is in finally looking into a technology and design to help our ‘tension stressed grips’ and how impactful it is on one’s overall game.

I have recommended this golf glove to all my friends…just not the ones I play with on a regular basis so I can beat them!! Actually, I have told them as well.

Awesome forward thinking LeviTee Golf Gloves!!!


‘keep smiling and always believe’


Written by BP Staff

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