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It is very seldom that a product comes along without a name like Cleveland or Titleist that has the ability to be a front-runner in the wedge game.  Scor golf may just be the David that defeats Goliath.  I am about to tell you a tale of a wedge that has the potential to change the way you look at the short game of golf.

The SCOR4161 wedge system is comprised of 5 components (from

SGC3 Progressive Weighting — As loft decreases from the lob wedge down to the 9-iron, SGC3 also provides a gradually increasing amount of heel/toe weighting, a thicker face and a higher center of mass to deliver more forgiveness and to distance control.

 Precise Gapping — Although it varies by golfer, each degree in loft typically equals 3-4 yards of distance. The more precise your set of scoring clubs is made, the more consistent your full-swing distance gaps will be. And that improves your chances of dialing in the exact distance you need on shots from short range.

 Patented V-Sole Technology — The unique and patented V-SOLE combines a high and low bounce into the sole of each and every SCOR4161 wedge and short iron.  The main part of the sole features what would be considered a low bounce– from 3-7 degrees – specific to each loft. This allows every SCOR4161 club to perform perfectly from the tightest lies.  But the leading 1/4 of the sole in each SCOR4161 features a distinctly high bounce to prevent digging in soft turf or on short shots.

 Short Game Specific Shafts – The GENIUS line-up of shafts allow any golfer to optimize feel, trajectory control and distance accuracy in their money clubs. Each GENIUS shaft – and there are three – has been engineered to optimize ball flight and feel in the scoring clubs. The tips are slightly firmer for tour-like trajectories and improved accuracy. But the mid-section is softer to ensure extraordinary feel around the greens and on less-than-full swings.

 Custom Built and Made to Order — Every SCOR4161 set we build receives the same meticulous attention to detail that goes into the clubs we put in our own bags.


Scor was kind enough to send me 4 wedges (45*, 50*, 55*, and 60*).  I immediately noticed a difference in the way they felt and performed.  Let’s get to the 3 questions that will lay it all out for you.

How does it look?scor_golf_scor4161_hero

The Score 4161 wedges are stunning.  These are built with a very classic and clean look to them that can only be described as the perfect blade.   The back of the club head is simple with the SCOR logo (the O having a red dot in the middle to resemble a laser sight) and model name “4161” being the only graphics to grace the hind-quarters.

At address you can see that the club head looks a little bit smaller than your normal wedge.  The top-line is fairly standard for wedges and may be just a hair thicker than a Vokey or Cleveland 588.  This isn’t really an issue for me as it really looked to be a good thickness to fit the compact size of the head.

How does it feel?

I have been trying to think of very sophisticated terms to describe the feel of this club but will have to resort to the first thing that comes to mind.  When hitting the wedges a few simple words were spoken reflexively – “wow”, “whoa”, “amazing”, and “great bearded Zeus!” were frequent.

In all seriousness, these wedges have a different feel than most in its exceptional feedback.  Being a pure blade there is a crisper feeling at contact.  It isn’t as soft as other wedges and mishits are certainly felt but I have yet to have “bad” feedback from these clubs.  I have been able to feel the ball coming off the face on every shot whether it be heel, toe, or sweet spot with such accuracy that it instills a level of confidence I have rarely experienced with a golf club.

How does it perform?

Here is where Scor gets full marks from me.  The performance of the 4161 wedges is second to none.  I have hit hundreds of shots with accuracy that I cannot see getting better with another product.  The V-Sole system really provides a technology that levels the playing field when encountering multiple different conditions throughout the course.  I was able to hit from fairway, rough, and sand with ease and work-ability.

The downside to the compact head is that it may be less than optimal for a higher handicap player as mishits that cause distance loss won’t have the same forgiveness as a cavity-back club.  That being said, the dispersion forgiveness from off-center hits are quite extraordinary and rarely deviated more than 8-10 yards.


The Scor wedges are a product to really watch because the quality and impact the 4161’s present are sure to turn heads.  The V-Sole technology really stands out as the answer to a growing question of “what bounce do I need” that is being raised amongst the majority of golfers in the market for new wedges.  It is a particularly useful system for those that frequent different courses and don’t want to feel the need to swap out clubs to accommodate the different conditions.

I consider myself a good wedge player so I was able to get a really good feel for these clubs with limited mishits.  That being said, with a compact blade you are going to lose a small amount of forgiveness with the 4161.  This may cause a few high-handicap consumers to be deterred and may find better results in a wedge built for the compensation of bad strikes.

As far as accuracy, feel, and looks for a mid-low handicap golfer – find a way to try these wedges.  You will thank me for this as you may find yourself 10 years from now with the same wedges reluctant to give up such a game changer.

You can find more information at  Be sure to check out Terry Koehler’s blog and perspective on the importance of the short game and a whole new way of looking at scoring.

SCOR_SCOR4161_432814 scorface scor_golf_scor4161_trio








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