Golf Club Review: Axis1 Golf Putter – No Anchor Required

IMG_3567Have you ever tried out a golf club that you hit and instantly realized that you have been missing out?  Well that was the case for me and the Axis1 Eagle Putter.  So who is Axis1 and what makes their putters different from the rest?

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Luis Pedraza founded Axis1 Putter in 2006.  He came up with Axis1 putters because he recognized a critical flaw in contemporary putter design: that all major putters on the market today are actually out of balance.  So Pedraza created a 100% perfectly balanced putter that doesn’t naturally want to open up with the idea that it would result in more on-line putts and lower scores.

What Axis1 did to accomplish the perfectly balanced putter is this.  They pushed the weight forward with a patented heel counterweight that places the center of gravity right on the center of the striking face and aligns the axis of the shaft.


IMG_3571The Axis1 Eagle is a sleek looking club, with a faded chrome finish and a large Axis1 logo on the back of the putter out of view while your putting for no distractions.  There is a slight mooning to the back of the Eagle, which is nice because it gives a little extra length to the black alignment line for better accuracy.  The biggest thing you are going to notice with the Axis1 putters in the curved almost crane look to the club as it meets the shaft.  This is the where the balance comes in.  At first look, it seems kind of odd, but once you get stand over the club and check the alignment, you will understand how it can actually help you.


With a cool looking and well performing mid size grip from Winn Grips, the Eagle felt really nice in my hands.  What is extremely interesting about the Axis1 Eagle and all Axis1 putters is that they are perfectly balance.  So you can lay the shaft in your hang with the toe facing to the sky and the club will not spin around towards the ground like all other putters.  The other thing that amazed me is that when you dangle the club from the top of the grip and tap the face, you pretty much are getting a sweet spot not matter where you tap.  Most putters require you to hit the ball directly on the sweet spot to ensure a quality roll.  With the Axis1 putter you can hit it off center and still get amazing results.  The Eagle makes a clean sound when you hit it so you have some confidence in your striking of the ball.  I loved the feel of the putter overall.


IMG_3582When I first took the Axis1 Eagle onto the green, it took me a few minutes to get used to the look.  After about 10 putts, I started to get it dialed in and actually didn’t even notice the new look. Now this is where it gets fun! Hit after hit, after hit continued to roll towards the hole like it wanted to go in.  I am impressed so much by the Axis1 Eagle putter that it will remain in my bag for years to come.  The ball seems to roll closer to the ground with no “launch” off of impact.  With each stroke I gained more confidence that the putter would help me with my pulls and pushes.  There is nothing worse then having the right speed on a putt and then missing because you opened the face slightly or pulled it.  The Axis1 putter truly does help with those issues.  Compared to my “old” putter, the Axis1 Eagle was bringing my misses about 10-15 inches in.  That’s nearly a foot and a half.  In the putting game, that is huge!

The alignment with the craned neck is great as well.  Your ball will sit down in this little framed pocket for you to look at while standing over your ball.  If you can place your ball into that framed area, chances are you will roll your ball close to the hole.  Looking down at the framed ball at address actually made me wonder why no one had thought of this before.


I can’t say enough about how much I like this putter.  It looks good, feels good and performs like no other putter I have ever used.  I would say this to all of you who struggle with your putting game.  Go find yourself an Axis1 Putter as soon as you can, you won’t regret it.  I had the best putting performance last week I have ever had in a round of golf with the Eagle.

One more thing, The Axis1 team is simply great.  Luis Pedraza and Phil Long from Axis1 met up with me one morning.  They walked me through some of the technology, but what amazed me was the fact that they weren’t like a typical salesman.  They were so confident in the Axis1 technology that they basically said, “This is how it works, now try it and see for yourself”.  There was no elaborate sales pitch, just a great quality product that they knew I would like once I tried it.

Thank you to Luis Pedraza and Phil Long of the Axis1 team for allowing us to test our your clubs.  We had a great time and look forward to seeing more great stuff from your team.

For more information about Axis1, go check out their website at

You can also follow the on Twitter at @Axis1Golf

By Ken Lee

Written by BP Staff


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