Loudmouth Golf Women’s Clothing Review

Written by Kate Hughes, LPGA Pro Bunkers Paradise


Bright, colorful, LOUD, shocking and simply put…amazing!!!

Those were my first world out of my mouth when I opened my package with the golf clothing I was set to review. I have seen the clothing on players (most notable John Daly) and in various golf shops. I have been curious and wondered if I could pull it off wearing the outfits…but just never pulled the trigger to be what I felt would be: ON DISPLAY!!

However, I am so wrong and felt amazing and comfortable playing in my gear. But before we get into the Look, Feel and Performance, let’s chat about where the concept and clothing designers came from and how they are the hot topic of today’s golfing community.

The Loudmouth Golf Team

A group of guys who grew up watching golf and Johnny Miller with his outrageous loud red pants and Jack Nicklaus sporting his polyester Sans-a-belts. The boys loved the look but became saddened over the years that golf turned to ‘drab and boring’ colors like khaki, black and Gray. No more fun. No more fashion statements. Just players blending into the background of the courses they played.

In comes the Loudmouth team to shake up the golfing world by proving that you can dress in fun golf clothes and still play exceptional golf. Founder, Scott Woodworth decided to follow a passion and made himself a Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck pair of golf pants that seemed of questionable taste…but the rest is LOUD history!

Let’s meet the boys behind Loudmouth Golf

Scott ‘Woody’ Woodworth is the Founder and Chief Designer for Loudmouth. He graduated from Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design in 1982. He has been a successful freelance award-winning graphic designer for 20 years. In 2000, his enjoyment of golf and his unique sense of fashion crossed paths. When he couldn’t find any colorful clothing for golf, he started Loudmouth Golf with one pair of wild golf pants. Applying his background in graphic design to golf fashion, Woody has re-defined and single-handedly brought back the infamous golf fashion from the 1970s. Today Loudmouth Golf is recognized as the leading brand in outrageous, fun golf apparel for men. He claims he’s the best golfer on the LMG team.

Larry Jackson – CEO has over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley based telecommunications and networking equipment field in a variety of Sales & Marketing roles. During his time in the telecom equipment field he helped found three startup companies all of which went public on NASDAQ. Larry has lived and worked internationally in Tokyo and London while working for companies experiencing exponential sales growth and expansion and sees Loudmouth doing the same. Larry has golfed for business and pleasure around the world. An active investor in LoudMouth since January of 2007, he took on the role of full time CEO in 2008. He claims he’s the best golfer on the LMG team.

David Suzuki has spent most of his career in venture capital and has been an avid golfer since childhood. David has lived in Japan and travels extensively throughout Asia working closely with Silicon Valley start-ups. He also makes it a point to check out the local golf scene and has played most of the top courses in Japan, China, Korea and Southeast Asia. He has been actively involved with Loudmouth Golf and helps with international expansion and manufacturing. He claims he’s the best golfer on the LMG team.

Alan Wallace – Executive Vice President has 30 years experience in the men’s sportswear industry and with his love of golf; joining the LMG team is a perfect step (off the plank). Previously Alan has been instrumental in building sales divisions of Robert Bruce, Izod, Lacoste, and most recently at Perry Ellis International. Alan has created a national sales force for LMG as well as improved his golf game with his well balanced approach to the business and his backswing. Alan has enabled LMG to successfully bring their products to new markets including green grass, resorts, better men’s stores as well as the international arena. He has established relationships worldwide with key accounts and leveraged them to get LOUD results. He claims he’s the best golfer on the LMG team.

And so it appears as though there is a bit of competition with regards to who is the best LMG golfer. I think we need to have LoudMouth Skins Game Tournament to see who really is the best and who will take the claim to being the best LMG Golfer!! Keep in mind, all that attend this event will need to come in LoudMouth clothing!!!

Now let’s chat about the clothing from a women’s perspective


I was slightly nervous to display my outrageous outfit on the course and team up with a couple of members. I know some of you are saying, Kate, you were nervous?? Yup…sometimes I am human 😉

As I put on the outfit and took a gander in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised how amazing the clothing looked on me. Not that I myself looked awesome (well maybe…JK), but the outfit was spectacular. I felt confident and LOUD…ready to take on old man par!!

The colors popped and the unique yet crazy graphic design made me feel like a true champion. I knew that if I miss hit a shot and ended up in the woods lost, I would not have to wait long to be rescued!! Love the look, the design and splashing colors! This shirt and skort together was a fabulous combo and the look was smashing!




Of course, as a woman golfer, we love to feel good in what we wear. If it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t purchased or it is immediately returned to the shop it was purchased. This is just how we are programmed.

The LoudMouth shirt and skort felt extremely comfortable. The circumference around the waistband of the skort sat just below the belly button for a very comfortable fit. The length was also spot on as I didn’t feel as though I was going to show anything unnecessary to the golfing world. The material felt soft yet firm so there was no need to iron. The fabric washed well and recovered nicely for my next 18 holes.

The shirt was an eye popping orange matching the skort. It was a nice fit and settled well outside hanging over the skort to make a nice clean together look. I was pleased to think that the large I received may be slightly too big, so I would like to give the medium a try. Truly overall the shirt moved as I moved and never got in the way of my swing…which is very, very important to me.  I have been known to discard any shirt that will not move precisely with my swing. Any shirt that clumps or gets in the way of my flow is out the door. LoudMouth created a very woman friendly shirt that has made its way into my golfing wardrobe rotation.




From the first tee to the final green and into the clubhouse the LoudMouth golf outfit passed the test standards of Kate Hughes. I am not easy on my golf clothes. I give them a hard work out to be sure they meet my performance criteria.

The skort itself flowed with every step, swing and squat. I felt comfortable getting low to read my putts and didn’t think once that I was providing ‘too much information’. I must say I am more of a short wearing player, but I loved the performance of this skort as it felt like a nice clean pair of shorts that moved with me as I played.

The LoudMouth shirt was also a great performer. Again, I am a stickler on shirts. If it doesn’t stay with me throughout the swing without any hindrance…it is out the door!! The fabric used for the shirt was a perfect selection. It performed like a second skin. I would like to have it tapered a bit more down the sides, but it may have just been a little too big for me. Overall, it performed quite nicely.





Well, I have overcome my shyness to be bold and show my true colors. I thank LoudMouth Golf for that one!! LoudMouth has stepped up and created a killer golf outfitting concept and continues to wow the golfing community and me!

I plan to get out there to the golf shops and add a few more LoudMouth pieces to my golf clothing rotation.  If nothing else, I will feel like a champion and hope to throw my competitors off with my new look!!! One must always find ways to win!!!

Great job LoudMouth Golf!!!!


keep smiling and always believe’

Written by BP Staff

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