The Sidekick Golf Caddy: Your New Best Friend

        Sidekick Golf Caddy Review


Written by Kate Hughes, LPGA Pro Bunkers Paradise


The one thing I dislike the most…OK, I will say it…HATE…is playing early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the course is dewy from the overnight fog, the early morning mist or the ground is wet from the sprinklers and I miss the green a tad and have to take 2 or three clubs (along with my putter) to the green and lay them on the wet grass!! What happens, the grips get wet and eventually my glove finds the wetness at another time even though I have done my best to wipe off the grips and shafts.


It’s not like I really meant to miss the green. And I am one of those that wants to be sure to have just the right club to make just the right shot for an up and down. When the grass is wet, I find that if I forgot a towel to lay the clubs on, I am trying to balance them on a tee…it is like playing reverse Jenga!! Trying to balance 3 clubs on a tee stuck in the ground…well, it can be time consuming and if you have had any coffee, the caffeine shake may make it impossible!!

Finally someone had the mind to think about making this issue go away!!! Along comes a great addition to your golf equipment that will not only help keep your clubs dry, but it also keeps you organized and play moving…The Sidekick Golf Caddy!


Here is a product that allows you the organized freedom of bringing up to 4 clubs with you away from the cart and a couple of extra balls (just in case that slightly mishit shot ends up…well…gone). Best part: You don’t have to lay your clubs down. You can just stick the SideKick right into the ground and it stands up holding your clubs for easy access and selection!!


urlWomen and men alike will enjoy the color options. Pink and black are available to fit your respective tastes. It is small and really cool looking. The handle is easy to grab and carry along with you to your ‘awesome’ shot with a nice sturdy hand conforming grip. It is slight in look so it doesn’t look like you are carrying your entire bag to that errant shot…so you don’t feel like the world is staring at you and your miss.

I love the way is stands at attention waiting for you to make your club selection and hole the shot out…if it only came equipped with and automatic applause after your ‘Master’s-like shot’.

I also like the extra ‘storage’ and easy access to a golf ball is needed. I don’t have to find a pocket to put a ball in ‘just in case’.

An additional extra is the alignment guide ‘stick’. This is a nice feature, so while you practice and play you can make sure you are in the correct alignment with every shot. However, this is something that you would not be able to utilize during competition.



IMG_2906The Sidekick is very light even with your clubs and isn’t bulky at all. It feels sturdy in your hands and stands strong. I did not once worry it would fall over with any wind gust…and I was playing in 15-20mph gusts.

The handle feels like it fits right into your fingers and is an extension of your arm.

There is an additional ‘hole’ that allows you to either place your cigar (so it doesn’t extinguish on the wet ground), or you can clip a towel on to clean the ‘holed out ball’. Even having the towel hang did not take away from the superb feel of the SIDEKICK.

One thing I was a little concerned with were the spikes on the bottom. I was afraid that while I walked carrying the SIDEKICK and swinging my arm while I walked, I may ‘spike’ my leg and that would not feel good at all. Not even close. The length of the SIDEKICK is perfect and feels good to have no stitches in my legs.



urlRight down to the last hole, I found the SIDEKICK to perform exactly as it was presented online and in discussions. It lived up to its name as being a nice sidekick to hang with you on the course. At no time did I feel it was a bother or an added problem to carry around. It hooks on to your back and you just grab and go. Easy as pie!!

I also feel that in this day and age of slow play and trying to speed up the rounds a bit, the SIDEKICK can easily shave off a few minutes in every group over the course of a round because you will always have exactly what you need when you need it and not be running back to the cart for that ONE club you forgot!!!

Finally, I did try to stick the SIDEKICK into a really steep hill to see how it would withstand the ‘Kate Test’ and is stuck right into the ground and never wavered it’s position. I even gave it a little ‘angry shove’ to see if it would bow down to my emotional expressiveness and it stood there and took it like an old pro.


Final thoughts:

The SIDEKICK is a great addition to all golfers who utilize a golf cart. Just think of this: if it is cart paths only, do you really want to unhook your entire bad to lug up to the green so you have the right club and you keep them clean and dry?? Trust me, this is a good ‘friend’ to have and all you need is up to 4 clubs to partner with you on that rare chance <clears throat with a little chuckle> you hit that errant shot!!

The SIDEKICK will be your new best friend!!!

Sidekick Golf was gracious enough to offer $10.00 off to our readers.  So go to their website at and use promo code: Bunkers




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