Bunkers Paradise Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories/Apparel

So it’s that time of year when we all hope Santa will bring us that special gift under the Christmas tree.  We set out the cookies and milk, turn on the Christmas lights and sleep with one eye open.  Well how can Santa bring you that special gift if you don’t even know what you want?  Don’t fret, because Bunkers Paradise is here to help.

Our staff has come up with what we think are some great options to put on your Christmas list. From Clothing products to gadgets, this list will surely be helpful.  In fact, you can just send your loved one (I mean Santa) right to our website and show them (him) this list and you will be set.

So without further delay, here is our staff’s wish list this Christmas season.

Hint: You can follow the links to see the reviews


I don’t think I know one golfer who doesn’t love accessories to add to his/her golf bag and we here at Bunkers Paradise are the same.  We love golf gadgets and gizmos to help us improve our game.  So let’s start off this list with a helpful putting tool, The StarPutter.  The Star Putter will help you align your putts so you will be draining those 6 footers for all of 2013.

Another nice training device we recommend is the Homestriker. This fun flying ball allows you to hit a golf ball with any club in your backyard without having to worry about breaking out the glass of your neighbors upstairs window.  The Homestriker is a golf ball attached to a parachute device that slows the ball down in mid-air.  With the Homestriker you actually get to hit a real golf ball and not a foam or plastic “training” ball.

One of our favorites on this list is the Photo Ball Marker from Photoballmarker.comThe folks over at Photo Ball Marker are great people who would love to help you set up your personalized ball marker.  You can put any design or photo on a custom made, beautiful ball marker.  We have attached a photo of our Bunkers Paradise ball marker so you can see how great these little guys look.  We have had nothing but compliments on ours and we plan to buy many more.  You can not ask for a better personalized Christmas gift than this.  

Our next suggestion is getting your loved one or asking Santa for your own personalized head cover.  No we are not talking about a hat for your balding head Bruce, or wait, that would be Ken…. Never mind.  What we are talking about is a beautifully hand-crafted club head cover from Delilah Head CoversYou can go see many examples of her work at her website at www.girlygolfer.com.   You can get everything from head covers to golf towels.  These are some of the nicest hand crafted head covers you will find and made by one of the nicest ladies in golf.  

How about asking Santa for something that will make your golf clubs sparkle.  Well probably not sparkle, but at least clean that debris from your golf club for the next big iron shot you have as you approach the green.  We would like to recommend two different club brushes and both are different but effective.  First is the WunderBrush Scrub Hub, which is made of high quality brass, allows you to clean your club while walking and locks into place for stability.   The second club brush that we would recommend is the ClubWhizz, which is another brush that attaches to your golf cart wheels and spins while you walk in order to clean your clubs. The difference between the two similar products would be that the Club Whizz can detach and you can use it to clean your cleats and tires on your golf cart after the round.  The WunderBrush can clean your cleats as well.

– So you are coming down to your last few holes and you are playing the best round of golf in your life.  You just blasted one into the rough off your drive and get a bit frustrated.  So you look down at your Scoreband to see what your score is thus far.  Ok, so you don’t have a Scoreband yet, but it will be on your Christmas list after reading this.  The Scoreband is a nice piece of equipment that will allow you to keep track of your score on the course without having to lose your golf pencil or scorecard in the wind.  It fits nicely and comfortably on your wrist and doesn’t impede your golf swing one bit.  We highly recommend the Scoreband to be on your Christmas list this Holiday Season.

– Our last gadget to throw on the Christmas wish list is the Leupold Laser Rangefinder. No this Laser is not the one that Austin Powers requested –  “You know, I have one simple request.  And that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads!  Throw me a bone here!” But it sure is an amazing tool to use while on the course.  Small, easy to use and accurate, the GX-3i Rangefinder will definitely help your golf game, or at least tell you how bad you hit your shot.


Golf grips are very important to our golf game and experienced golfers know this and you should too.  So why not ask Santa for some new golf grips this Christmas.  With the proper grips you might just be able to show that special someone how good your golf game is getting.  We have two different golf grips that we wanted to share with you guys this Holiday Season.  First is Black Widow golf grips.  Black Widow Grips are some of the best on the market and they have a wide variety for you to choose from.  At www.bwgrips.com you will find all the grips that you will need for your golf game and much more including some nice looking Black Widow golf apparel.

– The next set of Grips that Santa should be bringing you this Christmas are Salty Grips.  Pretty cool name huh?  Well these grips don’t only have a cool name but they are also very unique because they are made out of cork.  That’s right, we said cork.  The cork isn’t the only thing that makes these grips unique, but also the natural look they have.  You will surely be turning heads on the golf course if you decide to get yourself some Salty Grips.


– Ahhhhhhh… Golf clothing!! We all love looking good out on the course so why not ask Santa for some good looking golf clothing.  We have a couple suggestions when it comes to making you look good and unique for the 2013 golf season. First we would like to suggest Tattoo Golf Clothing.  The team over at Tatoogolf.com has put together some of the most unique golf clothing that anyone has seen.  With a time in golf where having something a little different out on the course is becoming the trend, why not get something from Tattoo Golf.

– Ok now it’s time to go shopping for you little ones. Head over to the Littlest Golfer and pick up some of the coolest golf apparel for children on the market.  They have everything from clothing to toys, to clubs for your little ones to enjoy.  They also have baby golf gear! How cool is that? I have to say I wish my boys were babies again so I could hook them up with the Caddy Romper.

– Back to us adults now.  Another brand of golf clothing that we would like to recommend is Antigua.  With a new 2013 line coming out soon, why not let your loved one know that you want to look good out on the course with some Antigua Golf gear.  Antigua features some of the highest quality golf clothing out there with stylish looks that are extremely comfortable.  Add to the Christmas list people, you won’t be disappointed.

We realize there are hundreds of great gift ideas for the golfer in your family and it is hard to know what to get or put on your list.  We hope that this Holiday Gift Guide gave you a few ideas to put on your Christmas list this year.

Merry Christmas to everyone in the Bunkers Paradise Golf Community.  Have a safe Holiday Season and enjoy your next round of golf, from your Crazy but Dedicated staff at Bunkersparadise.com




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