Froghair Beer: A Beer For Golfers

Froghair Beer Co.

Have you ever finished a round of golf, headed into the “19th Hole” and found yourself getting bad tasting beer? Have you found yourself sitting at the bar or around a table with your buddies thinking to yourself…. ‘Why do golf courses not carry good beer on tap?’ Well, so did Geoff and Kevin from Froghair Beer Co. So what did they do? They came up with the idea, just like the rest of us……. Create a great craft beer for golfers! The difference between them and us, is they actually have done it.

Because Geoff and Kevin have two loves, golf and craft beer, and because golf just is not represented in the beer industry, they created Froghair Beer. That day of golf started with a bad round of golf and bad beer but ended with an amazing concept that is now a reality.

Froghair is a crisp and refreshing American Blonde Ale with a hint of sweet orange peel that complements the citrus aroma of its Cascade Hops. Here are the numbers for all you numbers guys – 5% ABV – 17 IBU – 4 SRM.

Not only is Froghair Beer a great tasting, full flavored beer, it also has one of the greatest looking logos of all time. Who doesn’t like a frog with a mohawk? With such an amazing product and logo, Froghair Beer Co. has been seen running around on the PGA Tour lately and everyone says the same thing. Where can I get a shirt like that? I got my shirt and it’s already making a buzz in California.

So where does the name come from? The name “FrogHair” comes from an old golf term. Froghair is another name for the short cut of grass that surrounds the putting green known as the fringe. I don’t know about you, but I love the name. Heck, I love the name, the logo and most of all the great tasting beer.

When speaking with Geoff from Froghair Beer, I took away one thing from our conversation…. He loves quality beer and will not stop until every golfer can experience a quality beer at every golf course across America. Froghair Beer is currently in Florida and golf courses across the state are dying to get Froghair Beer on tap at their course. Froghair Beer has made such an amazing impression on the golf community in Florida that the Froghair crew is brewing up more of their full flavored beer to keep up with the demand.

So now that you have a great tasting craft beer made for you the golfer, go find it, drink it and enjoy it. Before you do, make sure to call us at Bunkers Paradise cause we love golf and hanging out with good people and good beer.

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Written by BP Staff

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