Review Of the Odyssey Metal-X 2-ball Putter

Looking for a new putter this season? Check out the Odyssey Metal-X 2-ball putter.

The Metal-X putters are fitted with a new technology. Their “locking” aluminum face provides a true roll by grabbing onto the dimples of the ball upon impact. Fret not young grasshopper, Odyssey hasn’t abandoned us. Behind the aluminum face is a urethane inner layer providing the soft feel that we’ve all come to crave from their putter.

Odyssey has partnered up with Lamkin to make their 3Gen pistol grips standard across the whole line of Metal-X flatsticks. I didn’t mind the grip, per se. In fact, I felt it had a solid texture to it, but you’ve all heard the saying “Go Big or Go Home?” Well…I didn’t go home…I went with the Odyssey JumboGrip. For me, the Jumbo grip provided a better feel for the weight of the club head.

The Metal-X line sports a sleek and sexy black powder-coat finish virtually eliminating glare – perfect for what we should all be focusing on – getting the ball in the hole! The 2-ball still provides its well-known pair of white “ball” circles on the top of the putter for alignment purposes. The contrast from the white to the black adds a little bit more of confidence when lining up. Make no mistake ,this is a good looking putter.

As for performance? The initial impressions on the local course practice green were good….not great. I hit a few putts from about 10ft. and felt as if the roll on the ball was unlike any other putter could produce. To the naked eye, there was very little skip off the turf and the ball rolled true to its path straight to where I had aimed it. It had a nice little “click” upon impact giving me confidence that the ball was struck cleanly. (Insert Tiger-esque fist pump here.) Unfortunately, when you have a mallet-style putter you tend to sacrifice a little bit of feel due to the muted feedback at impact. Life can’t always be full of rainbows and butterflies. I expected this, accepted it, and marched on. After about 50+ putts I finally felt that I was getting distance control figured out. However, I was still left with a feeling of not being able to tell the severity of miss-hits and how well and/or poorly I had struck the ball. For some, this could be taken as a positive or negative. For me, feedback is important.


-Great looking

-Amazing roll to the ball

-Alignment and balance is a dream


-Not “feel” friendly if you require feedback from your putts.

-The textured face is a little hard to clean when grass pieces get stuck in the grooves.

My take? This is a really great putter.

I have been using it for about two months now and can honestly say that it has made me more confident and comfortable with my putting. The price point is excellent. At $150 retail, you really get a tour-quality putter for a “Weekend Warrior” price. Should you choose to go with the Odyssey Metal-X 2-Ball try looking into a larger grip. The smaller grips tend to allow heavier clubheads to have a mind of their own.

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Written by BP Staff

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