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Taylormade Woods

Fairway Woods have enjoyed decades of success on the golf course from both Amateur and professional players. With the advances in technology though, many players have started to switch over to hybrids. Does that mean that fairway woods are going to go the way of the dodo bird? Well, probably not. Fairway woods are still a better club to use when you’re in the tee box or on the fairway and with it’s bigger club head, it gives players a more confident feeling when setting up their approach.

If you struggle with long iron shots, then taking a slower, more consistent swing that serves well with fairway woods. These woods can deliver higher trajectory with their lower center of gravity, which results with softer landings on those par 5 greens.

There have been major advances in fairway woods technology with the use of titanium and tungsten inserts. Fairway woods can still give you the right clubs to get those 200-250 yard shots that will help complete your golf game.

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