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Used Putters

People who are just beginning to experiment with golf are often intimidated by all the new terms that they hear. There are so many, in fact, that it can all get downright confusing. One new golfing term that they’re sure to hear is “putter.” A putter is a special kind of golf club that is used to strike the ball at very close distances into the cup. It is a very specialized golf club and it’s pretty much crucial for making that final shot into the cup.
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Since putting is probably the most precise moment in the game of golf, putters have several major design requirements that it must fulfill: an easy stroke, the right glide, proper impact, and a topspin ball launch that really minimizes any potential topspin.

Since their advent, putters have undergone major design innovations that lead us to today’s modern putters. Originally made out of forged iron, putters looked like most other golf clubs. Over time, changes were made to the putter’s shape and composition which improved their effectiveness. Today putters are for the most part L-shaped, and are split up into three different types: mallet, peripheral weighted, and blade. These are the three primary form of putter used today. There are also three different variations of putters: long-shaft, chipper and trainer.

Bunker’s Paradise is proud to offer beginner golfers and seasoned pros alike an extremely wide array of golf putter choices, made by the best, most respected brands in the business. We carry Nike putters, Titleist putters, Ping putters, Taylormade putters, Callaway putters, Cleveland putters, Cobra putters, Mizuno putters, Macgregor putters, and many other putters made by the biggest names in golf. If you’re on the lookout for “new” used putters, you’re going to find one of the widest array of choices available to you here on Bunker’s Paradise.

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