Used Drivers

Save a few strokes by upgrading your driver, which can add 30-50 yards to your game. Imagine using easier to hit lower irons as compared to shanking your long irons into bunkers and and maybe even other fairways. I remember grabbing a hold of my first 460+ cc driver and getting out on my favorite golf course. I was instantly surprised at how much more fun I was having on the course with the 30-50 yards of extra distance I was getting from this new driver.

Find the right driver is one of the hardest things to do in golf as every swing is unique. Don’t fall into the trap of constantly buying brand new drivers when there are great used drivers out there in the market. See which drivers from such manufacturers like Callaway, Cleveland, Nike or Taylormade improve your game the most.

Some of our most popular drivers are:

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Which is the right driver for you? There are 3 basic things you should look for in the right driver:

  • Length – Most drivers are made so that most people can adjust to the club by choking up or down on the grip, but for those players that are slightly taller than average or slighty shorter, length is very important to your game.
  • Kick-Point – An example of how the length of the shaft can affect your ball flight. The kick point of your shaft can determine if you are a low-ball hitter or high ball hitter. Usually, if you have a tendency to have a high ball flight, you will need a lower kick point and vice versa.
  • Flex – This determines how much the shaft bends as you swing the club. If you are a young male of average strength, then you will probably need a regular flex shaft. If you’re an elderly person, there are special shafts made to bend a little more for the slower club head speed. Ladies and Kids also have special shaft flex made for them as well.