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    Ping Tour Wedge Used by PGA Pro Angel Cabrera

    Recently Angel Cabrera and several other Ping staff players added the company’s newest Tour  wedge to their bags.  You may ask what makes this wedge better than the other Ping wedge and to answer, it is the new grooves.  Ping has named the groove the Gorge groove. Ping is keeping the club in house and putting the grooves on themselves.  Ping […] More

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    Ping Rapture V2 Driver

    Hot off the presses is the Ping Rapture V2 Driver. A smart and aggressive addition to the renowned Ping family, the Rapture V2 Driver is another example of Ping’s multi-metal approach to their popular golf clubs. Take a look at the Ping Rapture V2 Driver’s specifications: -A 460cc titanium body -External tungsten weight pads located […] More

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    Ping G10 Irons

    Ping, one of the leading and best-known golf club manufacturers in the world, has introduced its latest line of irons, known as the Ping G10 Irons. These used irons, definitely designed to help you improve your game, launch remarkably high and much of that arc comes from their wide-sole design. [phpbay]ping G10 iron, 9, “”, […] More

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    Ping G10 Hybrid

    All golfers know that the hybrids have taken the sport by storm. More and more players – especially the younger ones – are disregarding whatever stigma the hybrids may have had and are exploring their potential, with a lot of success. Ping’s G10 Hybrid is one of the most popular models of the new breed, […] More

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    Ping Ladies

    All golfers, from first-day amateurs to seasoned professionals, has heard of Ping and practically without fail hold the brand in high esteem. Founded by Karsten Sondheim in 1967, Ping soon branched out and launched Ping ladies’ clubs. That launch more or less coincided with the explosion of golf among women, and Ping ladies’ clubs have […] More

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    Ping i3 Plus Irons

    When it comes to irons, Ping is as accomplished in their design as they are with all their other lines of clubs. The Ping i3 Plus Irons are no exception to the same extremely high standards of design that Ping brings to their irons, putters, fairway woods, drivers, wedges and hybrids. The line has made […] More

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    Ping i3 O Size Irons

    The Ping brand always seems to outdo itself, and the debut of the Ping i3 O Size Irons was no different. Engineered to the nth degree the same way all Ping products are, the Ping i3 O Size Irons have been the best friends to many a golfer, both amateur and professional alike. Many mid-handicappers […] More

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    Ping i3 Blade Irons

    Another standout from the Ping family, the Ping i3 Blade Iron is a very popular line of club. For starters, these irons are perimeter-weighted for less offset. This allows the Ping i3 Blade Iron users a tight, solid grip that’s optimal for strong and controlled shots. Do you want more control and precision over your […] More

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    Ping G5 Irons

    When Ping launches a new line of golf clubs, you can be assured that the golf world is going to sit up and take notice. So it was when the Ping G5 Irons rolled out. They were designed to be an improvement on the Ping G2’s, and many people felt that they were. They were […] More

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    Ping G2 HL Irons

    September of 2003 saw the arrival of the entire Ping G2 Irons series. Among them were the Ping G2 HL Irons, which were designed and engineered according to Ping’s notoriously demanding specifications to be an iron that really helped players get a higher launch (hence the “HL” in the “Ping G2 HL Irons”.) In fact, […] More

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