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    What You Really Need to Know Before Buying a New Driver

    Here is some interesting facts that golfers need to know before buying a new driver and the equipment manufacturers are NOT going to tell you this. I found this information on a blog written by Frank Thomas who is one of the world’s leading golf equipment experts and innovators. He was Technical Director of the […] More

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    Are You a Gullible Golfer?

    Golfers frequently fall into one of two categories – Gullible and Cynical. With so much contradictory information and free YouTube videos out there I can certainly understand how someone becomes cynical about golf and golf instruction. The one that I can really feel for though is the Gullible Golfer. The Gullible Golfer is living proof […] More

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    Are One-Length Irons Really For You?

    The answer is an unequivocal maybe. After researching this extensively, it is obvious that there are some compelling reasons why you might consider the idea of switching, after all Bryson DeChambeau is as logical as a person can get and he thinks it’s a good idea. For many people, it is simply that for centuries […] More